Intuitive Fey Study #3; Take 2- Knight/Wands


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First steps - phase 1

The issue I want to look into deals with simply the future. What the 'weather' is to be. I'm not officially working a job, so I'm not tied to anything. There have been people & situations that are possible leads for doing other things (mostly as a way to make money). This does not totally grab me as an earth question, it feels more like an Air question considering the aspect of potential.

And the card I pulled...Knight of Wands....a very airy card.


Luna's journal of the lofty knight

While I shuffled, I saw the colors blue and green, but I tend to see those often. I also thought about music, that is sort of tied to recient events and things I've been doing. I also saw a black orb.

My question, I determined was in the nature of growth and expansion, being an Air Q, as I write this, I'm reminded that I'm towards the end of my Death year. The card I pulled also falls into the catagory of Air with the Fey and Parrot flying high up in the sky, it also looks like the fey could be singing.
both Q & card are AIR

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