irrelevant readings


could anyone comment on why many readings seem to come out totally irrelevant to the question. Are the cards just forecasting whatever comes up in the querent's immediate future or do they really address specific questions?


There's always relevance. But sometimes it hides pretty well.

There are times you will stare at the cards for hours and not be able to figure out what the hell they're saying to you, but then all of a sudden two days later something happens and it pops into your head what the cards were talking about.

Pay attention to those lessons and eventually you'll be able to see them when they're still just in the forecast phase.



I agree with Mojo that the cards are relevant.

They are usually telling me what I should be focusing on and not what I think I should be focusing on. :)



Sometimes the querent lets their mind wander, or is not focusing- and you get garbled results. They may be thinking about the sale of their house and you get a reading about health issues. They are thinking about the sale, but at the same time they are worried about moving away from their elderly mother. Sometimes Tarot gets tricky like that. The readings is still revelant to the Querent, but not to the question they 'asked'.


I've found that I have to be really focused when I'm trying to do a reading for myself, if my mind wanders, I get a reading which seems totally irrelevant to what I've asked. I even managed to do a reading for my absent Mom the other week, because I was thinking about her as i got my cards out of their box :)
When I have an intense reading I usually get a headache, which takes about an hour to go, but these readings are worth it :) I know then that I have really connected to my deck.


There is always some relevance, although it may not be clear at the time. As others have mentioned, clarity is influenced by the focus or how the question or topic is expressed.
Sometimes the cards are intent on directing attention to something the querent may not be aware of or has not heeded.


Gosh, sorry to disagree with everyone, but --

Perhaps you are hungry, or distracted, or irritated, or something is annoying you or a small dragon has clawed through your clothing and is ripping through your abdomial wall and is scattering your guts all over the room, or--

Something really bad is going on!

Sometimes it just doesn't work.


Major Tom

I've always found that when the cards don't seem relevant to the question asked that I've asked the wrong question! :D

Try discarding the question and just interpreting the cards.

EveAnna - My empathy engaged when I read about your headaches. You shouldn't have to suffer for your craft }> May I humbly suggest you give yourself permission to connect to your cards without a headache?


I disagree. The Tarot always gives the correct answer no matter how irrelevant it may seem to you. For instance, sometimes you may get a court card, such as a King or Queen when your question has nothing to do with a person or persons. However, the more one studies, the more one realizes that the Tarot HAS answered the question. Again, a tarot journal always comes in handy. Keep on trying, you'll always get your answer.
Lots of Love,


Talisman - sometimes it helps to wear a light chainmail shirt under your clothing while card reading to keep the little dragons at bay until you are finished... :p :p ( Sounds like a medieval version of 'Alien')