Is it just me or....


Do some of you feel violated when miscellaneous service related people enter your sacred space to do their jobs? (For example, the cable people, the termite inspectors, the phone people, etc.)

My sacred space happens to be in the"hub" of all the connection type things. It's a spare room in the basement with office equipment, a bed, and it has a Native American theme to it, but my altars and and other spiritual things are in there, too. The usual termite service guy who comes every year didn't come today, so it was a stranger. I felt really on edge when he got to my room. All he said was, "Are you an Indian"? But I was waiting for, "Are you a witch?"

I get nervous like this every time people go poking around down there to do their jobs and when they leave I sort of feel as though my sacred space has been violated. I was just curious if others feel like this, too.


Yes, I too, get a bit uncomfortable. I recently had to have a man come over to give us an estimate for some more work to be done here in our home. He was very professional and very nice, but it did leave me feeling very uneasy.

And, especially when they have to go into my private spaces. Generally our bedroom for one--and then the other room that houses much of my divination collection. This man didn't make any comments at all, but I'm sure he was wondering why I had so many crystal balls all over the place, pendulums, tarot decks and such, but at least he didn't look shocked or say anything.


Thanks for sharing your experiences, CN. Now that you mention it, it isn't just my sacred space- Having people go through every inch of my house, including closets and bedrooms is just unnerving. It's not really a matter of what they think of what they find, because I'll more than likely never see them again, just something about it makes me uneasy. At least I know I'm not the only one. (Though we may be the only two) ha. :)


My house was burglarized a few years ago. About $800 worth of stuff was stolen. Naturally I reported it. The law enforcement guys were very polite, but after asking my permission, they combed every inch of the house looking for evidence, fingerprints, etc. The forensics expert looked at my weird esoteric stuff for quite a while. To me, the cops were almost as unnerving as the burglar, although they were only doing their job.


We were also burglarized a few years ago. It's quite traumatizing, to be sure. I wasn't here yet when the cops went through. I can only imagine how that must have been.