"Is love looking for you?" spread interpretation. Looking to learn. Thanks.

Jenny Marvellous

:) Tarot Spread Link:

1. Is Love Looking For You
2. Is it someone from your past, present, or future?
3. Depending on the answer to #2.
If in the past: When did you know them?
If in the present: When did you last see them?
If in the future: When will you meet them.
4. Depending on the answer to #2.
If in the past or present: Where do you know them?
If in the future: How and where are you most likely to meet.
5) What do you need to do to be as ready as possible.
6) What do you need to do to help your paths cross?
7) What do you need to do to maximise the potential?

1. Page Of Swords
2. 10 Swords Reversed
3. The Devil Reversed
4. 3 Swords
5. King Of Swords
6. 4 Cups Reversed
7. 8 Cups


Hi Jenny,

You've posted in the wrong thread I think. It should be in "Your Reading".

Also, we don't read for others on here we just help them and they help us. It's a learning forum so you need to interpret all the cards yourself first before we can tell you what we think.

You won't learn the tarot otherwise!


That is an interesting spread. Thanks for posting. The reading, however, should be posted in Your Readings sub forum just as DDwarks says (-thank you, DDwarks!). You also need to try to interpret it yourself first before anyone else can help you. HERE is a link to Your Readings Posting Rules.


layout for the spread (copied from the link)



Wow, this is a pretty cool looking spread, and I just might have to try it here soon for sure.I like the fact that it has a card that lets you know if the person is from your past, present, or will be in your future. This helps narrow down if you are looking for someone you used to know, someone you might currently be seeing, or someone that you haven't even met yet. Which is often times a question many people have when doing a love like reading.