Is the Fey Queen of Wands pregnant?


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I found a website with all the Fey images for anyone who hasn't seen this card: sorry, link to complete deck removed by moderator

When I first saw the Queen of Wands, I just saw a curvy lady in a dramatic pose with her hand resting on her hip. It is a funny pose - with her upper body twisted round slightly - but a dramatic pose for a drama queen seemed quite fitting! :p But then my mum saw this image and instantly saw a pregnant lady resting her hand on her baby bump. This confused me, and after a while of scutinising the image and discussing it, we're not sure what to make of it.

One of the reasons I'm confused is that I haven't seen the Queen of Wands portrayed as pregnant before, and it doesn't seem to make much sense that she would be. Ok, all the Queens are nurturing. But this one is less "motherly" than say, the Queen of Cups being double Water, who isn't pregnant. Even the earthy Queen of Pentacles would make sense being pregant to me, she's sensual and rooted in the physical world so I could see the connection with fertility... But the Queen of Wands? She loves being the centre of attention and is usually very popular and fun to be around. Super-laid back and maybe even a bit vain. Where does pregnancy fit in?

My deck didn't come with the companion book, so I'm wondering if anyone out there has the book and whether it confirms that this Queen is/isn't pregnant. And if she is, does anyone have any ideas as to why pregnancy fits with the Queen of Wands? I'm a bit stuck, to be honest.

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Oh my. Yes, to my eye she looks hugely pregnant.

I always associate wands with creativity. So, like the Empress, I could easily see life-creation in the mix. For me, personally, the creativity is around art, whether the Empress or the wands, but this queen makes sense to me in the Empress-y context.

Laura Borealis

Yes, the book describes her as pregnant. Here's what it says for this card:
Queen of Wands

This Fey was once a rebel, a hooligan, a difficult character. All the corners and edges of her heart have been burnt out of the life that she feels within. Now she feels only the wonderful sensation of creation and of being creative.

A beautiful Fey with long green hair tied behind her, reaching down to her waist. With her body tattooed with leaves and fronds, she turns and smiles. A hand skims over the crown she has on her head, while the other hand is placed over her pregnant stomach.

Simple Meaning
Creator, cultivator, healer, generative spirit.

Advanced Meaning
This card shows how pain or restlessness can disappear by themselves, canceled by the need for something greater. The primary instinct, that of creation, not only of another life but of anything at all, is at the heart of the happiness of this card. Another meaning of this card is an invitation to deal with difficult people and situation gently, because the gentleness will sooner or later find and echo in the other's character or the event.


Sulis - Really sorry, I didn't realise you're not allowed to link to images of a deck. I just wanted to show the image I was describing so the post would make more sense to someone who hasn't seen it.

GryffinSong, thanks for your reply! Yes, I see the Wands as very creative too and I can see the link with the creativity of The Empress. I suppose I find it hard to imagine the King and Queen of Wands as parents because Wands are so dynamic, passionate and free-spirited... Whereas we expect parents to be more "settled" and provide a stable backdrop for their children growing up. I'm starting to imagine the Queen of Wands as a creative mother who's still bursting with energy and exuberance. She could do allsorts of fun creative things with her children like painting or singing or making things. :)

Laura_borealis, thankyou for the confirmation from the book. The description gives her a really strong personality, and I can just imagine her as the Knight of Wands when she was younger, being rebellious and getting tattoos, doing crazy things. But now she has channeled all that energy into a creative outlet instead of expressing it negatively. I know lots of people that fit this description - my own mum being one of them. XD I think this is fast becoming one of my favourite cards in this deck!


No problem and here's the image for you:


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Laura Borealis

I don't wish to speak for Sulis, but -- my understanding is we can link images, but we can't link to pages/sites that show entire decks, for legal reasons.

But I've attached the Queen of Wands here so people can see it. :)

The Fey is one of my very favorite decks, and this card is special to me because she looks like an old friend of mine -- a truly beautiful young woman (inside, where it counts). I always smile when I see her come up in readings. :)


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Ah, right - I didn't realise there were legal issues with full decks. It makes sense, though, and now I know for next time. Thankyou to both of you for your kindness in uploading the image :)

Laura_borealis, I too see this queen as very beautiful inside and out and I love her smile. She looks very kind and relaxed to me. After reading your description from the book, I'm also starting to associate her with my own mother, who was a bit of a rebel as a teen but is now very kind and gentle.