It isn&#39t working anymore..


Hi i'm Evelyne.

I would really like to know why, each time i use my deck, answers aren't clear to me as before.

Thanks for your help.
Bye bye.


how long have you been reading tarot? are you attempting a reading for yourself or someone else? if you are a beginner, time, effort to learn, and patience will take care of you. if you are more experienced and the cards seem cold, perhaps you are going thru a difficult phase in your life. there have been times i've experienced difficulty that my cards just were a blank to me. i just couldn't intuit a meaning at all. i interpreted those times as meaning that i was experiencing an intuitive block and that it truly had nothing to do with my cards. so again relax and don't force it. it will come back to you eventually like riding a bicycle--at least that's my experience.

i've also had the experience of a person putting up such a shield that i couldn't get a good reading. what clarifies this for me is if the person before or after has a clear reading. a lot depends on the circumstances you are reading under. i have to have a quiet environment. querents interupting me or other ppl in the room with us can totally destroy my ability to conceptualize a reading.


maybe you deck has energy build up and needs cleansed, try smudging it with sage incense, wipe them with salt water, or perhaps place a crystal on them FOR AWHILE (MY CAPS ARE STUCK AGAIN, PLEASE EXCUSE :p) I DONT KNOW HOW OFTEN YOU USE YOUR DECK, BUT IF YOU USE IT A LOT IT MAY NEED A REST, LEAVE IT AALONE FOR A WEEK AND SEE IF ITS BETTER


Have you moved recently? I had this problem when I moved. Try to cleanse the space a bit, if you can. And let the cards get used to the new place, too.

Are you emotionally tired or stessed? I find that if I am tired or stressed - just the the time I need my Tarot - it is most unlcear to me. Paradox! If that is the case, I'd suggest you: 1) Try a different spread; 2) Relax and focus your mind on your question.

And finally, sometimes I find that I *think* I am asking about one area of my life and it seems another area of my life is "interrupting" and this can seem to confuse the interpretation. I've seen this with people I've read for, too. If you think this might be happening to you, you could try to just "read" the cards straight - try to place no query on them - and see if they perhaps make more sense about another aspect of your life that you didn't realize was coming

If none of the above are applicable or work, I'd take a rest for a week or two, as Liliana suggests. And don't try to do multiple self readings in one day!


I agree with the ?cleansing the cards? suggestions. Perhaps putting them back in the original order and placing a crystal on them for a day or two. You might want to place the cards in a location where they can receive the energy from the Sun/Moon. Cleansing yourself can help too. A ritual bath can do wonders. You can make up your own ritual but one that I like is a chakra bath. I get in the bathtub and slowly pour a pitcher of water over myself while I picture the red root chakra. I imagine the water cleansing that chakra as I pour the water and the red color runs down the drain. Sometimes it takes two or three pitchers of water to cleanse a chakra. (It helps to have two pitchers so one can be filling up while you pour the other and then switch.) Then I move up to the next chakra and picture an orange color being cleansed. I move on to the next and the next as I pass the colors of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Then I pour one or more pitchers of water over myself and picture a beautiful crystal white light flowing down through my body. It is amazing how wonderful I feel afterward. I usually have incense burning during this. Sometime I have music playing or I do some type of chanting during the cleansing. Let yourself rest for the remainder of the evening and night and don?t try to do any readings until the next day.