it's all gone quiet........ fae magic


hey everyone,
seems the forum has been a bit quiet the last couple of days, so thought i might as well start a new thread.

does anyone here practice magic, and if so do you ever work with the fae in your magic.
i find it difficult to know how to bring the fae into my magic, as you can't force them do anything as they are individual beings in their own right. a few times i have invited them to join me in my magic making, but i'm not sure if their presence was there.

sorry that this thread isn't stirckly FO related, just interested in other ppls experiences

love anf fae dust


Good question, devan_faery!

I practiced some magic with the fae, actually, with the FO deck. So, it's not Faery Wicca nor celtic/druidic magic, although some similarities exist.

Several times I worked with Solus and Honesty. I believe I described those experiences earlier, but I guess it's no crime to repeat. This technic is used for spiritual empowerment. When I mention spirit, I mean the immortal part as contrasted with the mortal part. So, what I did is got myself in a state of attunement with Honesty and Solus energies. At first, I mentally (no astral projections here ;)) projected myself THROUGH Honesty. It was actually a filter, so only my true self (the spirit) went through. 'Behind' Honesty I stepped before Solus and asked for spiritual empowerment (through 5th chakhra), which I was granted then. After that, I returned back through Honesty, thanking them both. I point out that power I received was suitable only for specific purposes, e.g. mental modeling, rituals dealing with the spirit (to clear spiritual vision) or protection from certain actions. So, that was one combination. I believe that depending on a situation one might want to choose another combination for different purpose.

I also worked with the Singer of Healing and the Singer of Intuition, but it was all supervised by the Sage. It was his initiative, by the way. At that time I experienced an urgent need to get through one my inner block, and found it impossible to deal with it on my own. Once I tried to evoke all the Singers in my circle, which I regretted. (Their energies are hardly bearable for human body). So, if you take my advice, I would recommend to work with the Singers in a seperate(!) circle assisted by a profi (in ceremonial magic) or with one of the Sidhe. That'll be enough with 'serious' magic to give you my idea. :) The last thing that I realized is that there's a fool-proof system of protection 'built' in the FO: there are no names for evocation, i.e. there are names, but they are not, what I call, real names (it's like calling me One from the Aeclectic Forums ;)). So, there are actually 2 ways to know: they trust you enough to reveal their real name or you are smart enough to find a way to figure out. (He-he, it'll be easy enough since you are from Wales).

Concerning everyday magic, I find that faeries tend to join making that they find interesting. For example, the Master Maker usually helps me when I do something with my hands (last time it was knitting a bag for FO deck). The Sage or the Dark Lady appear whenever they find appropriate to give me advice or simply watch what I do (during spiritual work).

P.S. Of course, your views concerning spirit etc. might differ, so keep it in mind if you decide to try mentioned technic yourself or take what I wrote seriously enough.;)


wow your experiences sound amazing!
i think i will perhaps try some of the things you have described, but tailor them to the way i work and also to what i need to focus on in my life right now.
i understand what you mean by real names, i recently learned the 'real' name of a particular fae, and last night had it confirmed in a dream. so i guess i can try evoking this fae into a circle.
you have given me some good ideas as how to work magic with them.
thank you


Octopus, I really like how you work with the energy of the fae and the deck.......

Do you utilize any of Ted Andrews' books?


Thank you, skytwig!
I never heard about Ted Andrews' books. Literature in Enlish is a rare pearl here, and ordering it from amazon or similar source is way too expensive (mostly due to taxes in russian customs) for me. What is his book(s) about in general?