It's Halloween in February! Oracle Readings


CLOSED to new sitters. Please continue to post feedback and I will respond to feedback as well.

I am loving my Halloween Oracle. So. Much.

Offering a few readings for sitters for the next couple of hours. I'm doing 1 - 3 card pulls.

I am happy to receive oracle readings in exchange, if you're in the mood, but it's not necessary. :)


Oooh Halloween deck! What do I need to know about the shadow being I saw a few days ago at 3 am?


That's a pretty deck!
Can I please get a general reading on what's coming up in my life?


Oooh Halloween deck! What do I need to know about the shadow being I saw a few days ago at 3 am?

Wow! Fascinating question.

Zombie (Control) - Death (The Eternal Cycle Begins Anew)

This was definitely a spirit presence who allowed you to see them to raise your awareness about certain fears and resistances you're carrying.

When Zombie appeared, with its message of control, I wanted to look deeper to determine if the presence was trying to control you, or if it was drawing attention to something you need to analyze and gain control of within yourself or your current environment.

I pulled:

Jack o' Lantern (Protection) - Graveyard (Unnecessary Fear)

This made perfect sense to me!

You were meant to see the shadow, and it may certainly be tied to a protective or guardian spirit. It was there to present an awareness of changes in perception and understanding that you need to undertake.

Graveyard suggests you've been worrying about a particular issue, or doubting your own intuitive and sensitive abilities recently. This worry and fear is unnecessary and can be abandoned. Likewise, don't be afraid of the shadow that you saw. It seems to have your protection and internal guidance at heart (Jack o' Lantern) and it provides an opportunity for you to more deeply attune to your inner abilities. You see things differently than most people, and you're willing to be open and receptive, even if it does scare you a little or make you feel somewhat out of control at times (Zombie). Know that your abilities are strong, you are watched over by benevolent and wonderful energies, and you can cultivate this protective shield so that you can face both esoteric challenges and situations in your own life with greater clarity and strength.

Now is the time to watch for shadows in your life. A new cycle is about to begin for you, and there's no need to worry or carry a fear of things ending for the worse. Omens and signs are around you, in whatever situations or connections you're working your way through. Trust and know that you can control your destiny, you can gently guide change, and you can carry your own light as you shine light on the shadows you encounter. This is a reminder to be fearless and aware. You are special.


May I?

Love life (in a relationship already)


That's a pretty deck!
Can I please get a general reading on what's coming up in my life?

Hi MissNine! :) :) :heart:

Barmbrack (Sweetness and Synergy) - Forgiveness (Reducing Burden) - Death (The Eternal Cycle Begins Anew)

Oooh! Changes, sweetness, synergy and a lessening of pain. Awesome!

At the heart of what's coming up in the future is Forgiveness. An open palm, receptive and guiding, offers a beautiful white flower--a token of peace and gentility, of healing and kindness. You will find a warm, wonderful time is coming up for you, a point where you can really recognize the pains and worries you're carrying. I feel you'll forgive yourself for a few things you may have misunderstood, things you believe were mistakes in your past, other people who may have hurt you or may be continuing to hurt you. All of this becomes clear, calm, compassionate. Let go of old energies of guilt, if any lingers from a past interaction. Let go of feeling like you're wrong or misguided. Let go of any grudges you may not even realize you're carrying, including grudges toward yourself. Take that flower gently and sweetly and feel the weight of your worry and burdens lift!

Barmback is a delicious card - a warm, sunny offering of sweets, baked at home in the hearth. Fresh, new giving energy is about to enter. It may even be allowed into your life and heart because of the lessening burdens, the easing of worries. The Barmbrack is a sweet loaf that was baked with all kinds of goodies inside. You never knew what you would get when you sliced a piece. Most things were lucky or good--like rings for new relationships. Some of the trinkets inside were negative, or warnings. When I see the loaf being offered to you, next to the blooming flower, I recognize a joyful offering that's coming into your life. Things are balancing themselves out, beginning to synchronize and harmonize for you.

I look to the Death card to see what hidden secrets will be revealed by the mystery loaf. Death is a new cycle, a fresh change. The moth emerges from the cocoon. I see the special surprise contained in the bread is a refreshing change from what's been going on. A new chapter begins, and it seems a reversal of the old, stuck ways before it. Something surprising and unexpected is about to enter your life, and things are going to move from feeling like a burden to feeling like a kid again, when you waited to see what treasure would come out of those machines with toys in plastic bubbles. A gift is being baked and will soon be delivered. Expect your life to change from where it is now, into something pretty different.

Kat Moon

I would love one please..

What do I need to know about my shadow self that I am ignoring? (kinda stole a question and twisted it a bit. I hope that is ok. If not let me know)

What is yours? (I am using Enchanted Map and will do a three card pull if that is ok?)


Thank you for the offer, knight sephiroth.

How can I rise above the current situation I find myself in?

I'll give feedback if that's okay.

Thanks, again.


If you are accepting sitters?

What does march look like for me? anything significant coming?


May I?

Love life (in a relationship already)

Invisibility (Authenticity) - Werewolf (Exploring Wildness) - Eternal Love (love is love is love)

The werewolf embodies boundaries that are broken, a surrender to the wildness of passions, to the raw and even animalistic side of human nature. He is outside of conformity, does not fit into ordinary society, yet adheres to his own system of response and transformation when the moon is full. Your love life seems to be centered on a certain flux of wildness and domesticity. It roars into full bloom, maybe even close to being out of control, then it reigns back in, disguised as an ordinary man for a time. There is a lot of energy and passion here and you are enjoying the physical and sensual side of things for sure. Neither of you seem afraid to let out your inner animal, to be wild and crazy in your own way. And as such, your relationship seems rooted in a certain type of shapeshifting, adapting to circumstances as they develop. This seems a good thing, as long as it does not fall into the negative side of shapeshifting, where behaviors and external appearances are adjusted in order to confuse or conceal the other.

Invisibility to the left is interesting and I admit I am not entirely sure I understand its presence here. Perhaps it will resonate with you. Transparency in your relationship is important. One or both of you have been hurt before in terms of having things hidden from you by a significant other, or having to hide things of deep importance, for fear of being hurt. Each of you values a level of authenticity that comes with being truly transparent--but at the same time, seeing invisibility next to the shapeshifting of the werewolf makes me ask if you are each investigating the role you play in the relationship, and how each of you contributes to its future growth and direction. Who does what? Are things balanced and true? Is anyone hiding some of their true desires or frustrations behind a different shape or cloak?

To the right, Eternal Love shines its promise that love is love is love! True love is transcendent, effervescent, rising above life and death in a jubilant embrace. This is a card of two skeletons holding hands, roots growing deep into the earth and a stone or root heart between them, which might even be made from their conjoined hips. This is a strong, stable, long-lasting love. The flux and wildness at the heart settles into something clear, solid, unwavering. Passions are still there, because the skeletons never part, but things are more concrete and directed. This suggests your current love life involves laying down strong roots and a foundation for future harmony.