"It's I His Kiss" Spread


I originally called this simple horizontal 3-card tarot spread "The Kiss," but I am thinking of renaming it. It’s for one who is single, or perhaps is having some discord within their current relationship and is looking for some direction and insight. The first card indicates one’s First Kiss–the one you remember forever and will affect every forthcoming relationship; the second card indicates one’s Last Kiss–i.e. the most recent and *meaningful* kiss or date, and how it affected you or ended; while, the third card indicates one’s Next Kiss–a lover yet to enter your life or sphere awareness, and how it may affect you! I have had some pretty awesome results with this spread, though I have had to clarify Card #2 since many tarot readers had difficulty understanding what I meant by "last kiss or lover" within the context of the spread.


Haha, this is a fun idea! :)
So it looks like this?


1. First Kiss
2. Last Kiss
3. Next Kiss