It's On The Way!


Friday the 13th and a Full Moon together... and I now have this deck!
Whenever a new Tarot arrives I let myself go blank, simply anticipate,
and just hold the box awhile, feeling its weight ~ allowing myself just
to wonder what's inside and then take that once in a lifetime first look.

I'm going to post this, and then come back after I've been introduced,
but it would be great to find some shared observations and insights. :)


Update: January 18th~ $5.00 well spent (and only $1.60 postage too).


A bit late to say congratulations, Fulgour, but I'm happy that you got it at last. Is it too late to ask what you thought of it, and if you loved it as much as I did?:)


Hi :) closrapexa! First, at that price I was worried,
but the seller looked well esstablished, had a good
record and all and the shipping was by Media Mail,
which for 8 oz really is just ove a dollar and a half.

When it got here the deck was like new! Very nice.
I was glad to finally be able to see all 78 cards! :)

Now I must go check some of your posts to see
if I can better answer your question which I am
not going to be able to say I am as enamored~
which is niether here nor there. I'm glad you do!