IX Swords Deviant Moon

bumble bee

I pulled this one today as a daily card. I think it came up because there are some fears I may need to face. The goulish characters in this card look so scared and worried. I love the little on hiding behind the big one just brave enough to peek its head out. The cat on the bed has its tail tucked between its legs as it slinks away. The big goul is chomping away at is finger and the little one looks like it might take a chunk out of the big ones neck. The little one has wings. I also like the little curl on the top of the little ones head.


Notice the dent on the skull on her bed.Signifying troubled sleep, maybe in her dream she's struggling and unconciously grab the sword beside her bed and start swinging it in her sleep.As if defending herself from something in her dream.

The little winged creature behind her back is whispering things to her, adding her paranoia.

This woman is biting her finger, clearly signifying she's anxious, worried and in so much fear.
On her bed, there's a creature with it's tail between it's legs, a common sign when a dog is scared.

But i don't think that this creature is a dog, i'm not sure what it is.

This card convey the fear, guilt and anxiety message clearly.


Ever wake up at night in a cold sweat - where the voices in your head won't let you sleep even though you are exhausted from worrying? The little demon on her shoulder is gnawing on her - at her thoughts - eating away at her sanity. In fact, she has started to gnaw on her finger that's how stressed out she is.

Sleepless nights, days wandering through fog, unable to think straight because she is unable to think of anything but the worries looming over her. It may be one big worry or it may be lots of little worries that have just built up.

Her anxiety is palpable - it has permeated the whole of her being and even the cat (cat's are quite intuitive) has picked up on her stress and is writhing and hissing because it is uncomfortable.

No one likes to be stuck in this hard place - but if she was not so focused on the stresses - not so paralysed with anxiety in her bed - she could be looking for a solution.


"...worry and nightmares." we are told in the LWB.

Years ago after my parents died and I was cleaning out their hord of trash (they were both horders), I found my dad's fav cat that he said "ran off."

he'd died up in the attic of the garage. Petrified up there. Was as flat flat flat...bout a quarter of an inch think except for the skull. still covered in fur, but flat and quite dead.

Like the feline corpse on this woman's bed.

Look at it!

Patrick knows his perspective. If the cat was alive and moving, it'd look like it. here, it appears dead and desiccated.


does anyone know anything about the writing and date on the sheets in the bed? I think the date is 1819 and the writing looks incomplete - but maybe someone knows? Probably from one of his photographs of tombstones used to create the deck but why did he keep that part partially legible and why the sheets?

And the small figure on 'her' back - with the alien mouth arm - reminds me of Audrey II (the plant) in 'Little Shop of Horrors'. 'Feed me Seymour, feed me all night long......' and Audrey II lived (and thrived) on blood and kept calling for more - and the more she was fed, the larger she grew....


The moons carved into the bed as decorations are going in different directions. This is one more indication of the disorder inside this woman. She really needs to relax and straighten out her head.

The little creature with wings looks like an imp tormenting her. She will continue to be tormented until she really examines the situation, learns what is real and what is unreal as far as her fears, and can tell the imp to shove off.

I can't quite figure out the cat. It looks more like a living three dimensional cat than a decoration carved on the bed, but it doesn't look quite like it fits into the space there either. It may be that there is something to be alarmed about in the world and not just in the woman's mind and the cat has picked up on it and is running away. When this card comes up it suggests the need to examine your fears and anxieties in order to know which ones are baseless. This way you can begin to get your mind in order.


I can't quite figure out the cat. It looks more like a living three dimensional cat than a decoration carved on the bed, but it doesn't look quite like it fits into the space there either.

Indeed, it doesn't appear to be part of the bed sheet because of its angle, and it is not in the center. It seems to be alive and lying on the sheet to me (whereas at first I had assumed it was leaping).