IX The Hermit--Archeon Tarot


Lantz has really out-done himself with this one. The silhouette of the hermit works well in this instance. It shifts the focus from the figure to the lantern: the guiding light of the soul. The hermit is clearly travelling away from a settlement of sorts (a town, kingdom, city, whatever), and is making his way to a place of seclusion, peace, and tranquility.

This is one of the few images in the Archeon that lacks a Moon. Where's the moon? Maybe the hermit has lost his inspiration, his muse, his moon. Maybe he's searching for it. Will he find it? What does Galadriel say? "Even the wisest cannot tell..."

Hopefully the hermit will find his moon.
We all need a reason for being.

Go Lanz! --FS


It's seems to be winter, like a gentle snowfalling. Maybe the moon is replaced by the lantern. But I preferly like to see the lantern as a mini-sun because it's very bright compared to the background. It's seems it's a moonless night.


The hermit is following the light of the lantern to enlighten up his path, the dark in the card suggest that it would be a long road to follow.


He / she has left the domain of human company behind, moved beyond the village, went through the gate in the fence - - that fences in society as a norm.
The staff the person wears, has 2 prongs.
A symbol for choice.
The Hermit carries the burdens and the light of her/ his choice through light and dark, sun and snow....