Job Search Spread


So, if you're like me, the post-college job search can be a really strenuous, annoying, frustrating time. After receiving a resume review, I decided to look to my cards for some advice. This spread is the result of that.

Fonz2's Job Search Spread

1. My attitude/energy towards the job search
2. (Crossing over 1) What is blocking me?
3/4. What are my strengths as an employee? (What sets me apart?)
5/6. What are my weaknesses as an employee? (How am I not setting myself apart from others?)
7. Advice for the search

When I first did it, I used my trusty Goddess Tarot and here were the results (admins, I can post this to a more appropriate place if needed):

1. Two of Cups
I am looking for a career that I can fall in love with. Something that will make me happy and feel complete and fulfilled.

2. Eight of Staves
The staves actually looked like a wall, but my eyes were caught by the storm in the background. So, my personal frustration and pessimism has been getting in the way.

3. XII Sacrifice
As an employee, I am willing to sacrifice a lot of time and effort for an entry-level job. I understand that the new guy has to do a lot of the grunt work to start making their way up.

4. IX Contemplation
My soul card, which is pretty cool. I am a thoughtful person and often weigh choices before leaping into them. Thinking things through.

5. VIII Justice
Ironic in that this card is actually quite literal. My degree is in Criminology and have been looking in that field. So, perhaps I need to focus less here.

6. Six of Staves
Celebrating too early when I hear even an ounce of news. Being a bit too cocky. Too much pride.

7. I Magic
Like 5, this came off as more literal. Tarot is definitely a passion of mine, so perhaps I need to start looking into the spiritual field for work.

Have fun with it! And please, link me to your readings. I would love to see what happens for the rest of you.


Thank you, I'm job hunting so I'm definitely gonna try this out tonight. :)


Glad that it's useful for others!


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When I first did it, I used my trusty Goddess Tarot and here were the results (admins, I can post this to a more appropriate place if needed):.
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