Jodorowsky´s Stethoscope Excercise


Just reading through Jodorowsky´s ¨Way of The Tarot¨ and thought I´d translate some of the exercises which he gives into english for the benefit of those who don´t read Spanish since this is a fantastic book.

This is one of the first exercises he gives in the section ¨First Steps¨ which is devoted to the practice of tarot i.e. giving readings. These initial exercises are all to be done with the Majors only. This particular exercise translates as ¨To Sound Oneself With A Stethoscope!¨ -- you will see why in a moment.

-----------------Start Translation----------------------------------------

¨The purpose of this spread is to better know oneself, to draw a sketch of your spiritual or emotional life. It consists in picking a card at random (from the majors) face-down, placing it over a part of your body and asking the question, ¨What is there in me at this level?¨. The card then gives you the answer.


Question: What is there in my heart?
Card Chosen: The Sun (XVIIII)
Reading: A great love, happiness, a new construction, my father, my children, my vacations......

Question: What is there in my stomach?

Card Chosen: A man chooses Justice (VIII)
Reading: My mother! She was a fantastic cook.....and well now it´s time that I lose a little weight...

Card Chosen: A woman chooses The World (XXI)
Reading: I want to have a child! I have everything I need to have one, I´m starting to feel my creativity, my ovaries, it´s an immense joy. I love my femininity.

-------------------------END TRANSLATION-----------------------------

I think this is a great exercise which we could start off here each taking a turn. I´ll dive in......

My Question: What do I have in my stomach?
Card chosen: The Hermit (IX)
Reading: Well how is that for literal, I have a Virgo Sun and virgo does rule over the stomach!! Wisdom lies in the naval, the Hara....I need to do some more deep breathing and eat more grains, oats, linseed, soya and honey. Yes, I´m hearing the wisdom of my stomach now....¨improve your diet....more organic fruits and veges please¨.

OK I´m off to the health food store.....who´s next?



What do I have in my heart? The Hierophant

Practicality, no-nonsense wisdom, guidance, and a need to be that way. I don't know so much about that. The human heart is never very practical. But I do feel like I'm being called to teach and to be a guide, so there you go. Hmm. Rules over Taurus, which applies to the person in my heart ;). Can't be that literal, can it? That would be to funny!



My Question ~ What do I have in my heart?
Card Chosen ~ The Fool
Reading ~ Living for the moment and experiencing the power of the present.... I am on my own for 2 wks while my partner is away for work, in the 15 yrs that we have been together we've never been apart for more than 2 days so this is a new journey for me, one of discovery for sure :)

Anyone else?


Oh, this is good. Didn't realise how good till I tried it!

My Question ~ What do I have in my head?
Card Chosen ~ The High Priestess
Reading ~ this made me laugh, the cards were literally reading my mind! I have been thinking a lot about spiritual matters and how find out what I want and how to get where I want to be without organised religion. She's basically telling me that I have it in me to do that.

Looking at the actual image on the card, she seems very relaxed and sure of where she is & where she is going. Something I would like to achieve and she almost looks like she's inviting me to join her, to be like her.

When I choose head, I was thinking 3rd eye chakra area, so maybe that's why this came up. And I am very thinking orientated. Never the less, very powerful and positive for me! Thanks for suggesting it.

Anyone else want to have a go and be surprised?


Thanks, firewalker! What a nice exercise.

MerryDay Tarot

What do I have in my throat? (As in, what is it I want to say but can't or don't?)

The Empress - I have so many things I want to do but don't quite know how to make them happen - all creative, hands-on things. Maybe somewhere in me there's also a merciful, all-encompassing love just waiting to break out?

Makes me think I should do one for my hands!

\m/ Kat


I drew the hanged man, for what is in my brain.

The card shows a fairy, pinned, like a butterfly collector would do.

That is just the way I feel. I'm 'tween' things right now and have no clear direction or focus. It isn't a normal position for me. I'm not even sure where to begin...


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Well, my kids are watching the Wizard of Oz right now, and just as I came upon this thread, they're at the part of the movie when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow. So I asked "What's in my brain right now?"

Using the Fairy Tarot (the only deck within reaching distance where the Majors are already conveniently separated from the rest of the pack), I drew:

The Hierophant, reversed. Unconventionality. Of course. Is there ever any other type of thinking in my brain!? The fairy is resting on a stack of books, but looking at it reversed, the books are at the top of the card (top of my mind). Books also consistently occupy a large part of my mind! Just finished a novel today and will begin a new one tonight...along with the myriad of other non-fictions I'm always in the middle of!

So I'd say what's on my brain, according to this particular Reversed Hierophant, is soaking up new literature and knowledge, yet not in the conventional manner (school), but rather on my own terms and according to my own passions.

Fun exercise!


This is such a cool little activity, I thought I'd try resurrect it.....

Question: What do I have in my head?
Answer: The Fool

Well, I'm going to go with open minded journeyer and not, um, foolish.


Question: What is in my heart?
Answer: King of Swords

I took this to mean my heart tends tries to fit itself to what my brain says is most logical or reasonable. Maybe that I should be more open to following my emotions or intuition rather than immediately trying to reason things out all the time.


Original RWS

Q: What is in my eyes?

King of Pentacles

A: I see all the privileges, the gifts, and the riches that life has bestowed upon me. I'm so blessed that in a country where a significant portion of the populace live in abject poverty, I have been granted these advantages - most importantly the resources to mold myself in order to reach my fullest potential and maybe even fulfill my loftiest dreams. For all of these I'm truly grateful to Him.