Joseph Vargo's Gothic Tarot Book

Phantom Goddess

I would absolutely love a book not the (LWB) on Vargo's deck. **Sigh** A Girl can dream. I would snap that book ASAP.

September Pixie

Same here :)


There is one coming out in Spring 2007 ^.^;


oooo I can't wait


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It is great! I can't wait to see the comment of the picture. Mister Vargo is among my favorite artist and I would love to see how he see his own work with his own words!


That book is definitively is my wishlist. :)


This is awesome! I can hardly wait for the book... and I notice one for the Madame Endora cards too. Nice.


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Alissa said:
Yes, with any luck the Endora companion will be released later this year!

I saw too, excellent news. :) Now I ponder... I read somewhere Eudora would be extended, we could get more cards. Will that come too or did I dream that?