June Oracle Study Group: Playing Cards


June is playing cards so we will be hosting it here in the playing cards forum. Anyone interested please join in.

I love using playing cards and basically use a hodge podge of reading "meanings" which might change somewhat based on the deck. What I mean by this is that I use the same basic pips and suits meanings but some of my decks are themed decks with sayings or other things that I like to weave in also to enrich the reading. Yes some will gasp at this as they prefer a more traditional reading style...

I will use my Alice Playing cards this month (they include quotations)

I will also use a themed Day of the Dead deck...which even though there are not sayings one the card... I use TWO Ace of Spades that were included with the deck. One is Death (grim reaper) and the other is a sugar skull. More about that as we continue our study this month!

What deck will you use? A plain traditional deck? A themed deck?


I forgot I ordered some new decks....of playing cards....so now I have four decks to play with this month....

The Goblins.....


Earth Dragons and other Creatures...



I was torn forth and back, if I should participate in this study or not. I have 2 beautiful Bergsma decks.

I decided to use the animal deck for daily 3 card draws.


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Is everyone having a good go with the playing cards?

i am a bit stymied and I am not happy about it at all. I thought it would be a breeze to jump in and connect but I am not having a good time with it at all.

Hope everyone else is doing well.



Well, I loooove the images of my deckbut I am a bit "thrown", especially because the Bergsma suits are not black and red but red, blue, beige and green and by the fact that the playing card numbers and suits have different meanings then the ones used in the Lenormand systen.

I soooo associate the colour beige/brown with Earth, but it stands for Air ....
So I am getting mixed up.....


I suspect the beige is meant to represent yellow, only made more visible. That would signify air in many traditions. But the other suit colors don't seem to follow that same plan.


Thank you, Morwenna!
That may just be the explanation.
The Clubsin this deck are this beige / could be dark ochre and all feature Birds; Eagles, Hawks, Owls and Ravens
The Diamond are blue and all feature Water Animals like Fish, Orcas, Dolphins, Otters and Wales
The Spades are green and show Deer, Moose, Buffaloes and Horses
The Hearts are a deep russed reddish brown like dried blood and have the predators like Cougars, Jaguars, Wolves, Foxes, Lynx and Bobcats.


Interesting. So they're not really elemental representations as we think of them, but tuned to the natural world instead. Air creatures, water creatures, land herbivores, land carnivores.

Why those suits were chosen, though, I can't figure.


Yes, I am wondering that as well.
When I look up "standard Playing cards meanings", then I get the feeling, that my cards do not reallly jive with them,
the Hearts are Fire - predators,
the Clubs are Air - birds
the Diamonds are Water = Water Beings and
the Spades are Earth - Herbivores
I always figured the Spades as representing Air and that messes me up.....
Maybe I was wrong there to begin with?
What are your thoughts, Morwenna?

Thank you for having a look! ♥