Just bought Gay Tarot


Blessings everyone,

I have had a website called gaypsychiconline.com for almost a year now. I am making my first public appearance locally at a gay bar for pride this month. I did a search online and read about Gay Tarot deck and just ordered it yesterday, I should have it by the 12'th of June.

I look forward to having this deck, especially with me promoting myself as the Gay Psychic. This will be so nice to have a Gay Tarot deck to add to my collection.

I have the Rider Waite, Angel Messages Cards and the Sacred Oracle right now (which I just love the Sacred Oracle).

I have been using the Tarot for, OMG at least 30 years so incorporating this deck should not be a problem for me. I hope I can connect with these cards by the 26'th of this month so that I can bring them with me to use at my 1'st show.

TY so much for a great deck, from the pictures I have seen and the different conversations going on, this will be THE perfect deck for me.

Many blessings to you!