Just bout Osho Zen Tarot and have ???


Hi All,

Just bout the Osho Zen Tarot - I love the cards..

Just a quick question, I know it's preference but do you use reverse with this deck. So far I haven't and they are reading true.

Let me know what you think and PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS DECK.



I have Osho Zen and I don't do reversals. But, I never do them.
I think it won't matter, if you always do it the same way with the same deck (reversals yes/no) .



Have not had actual reversed cards with this deck--yet; however, there's been a couple of occasions where I read upright cards as reversed. The way I shuffle tends to eliminate reversals (they occur rarely).
Some decks include reversals; some do not. Whether one chooses to utilize reversed cards or not, it is best to be consistant with the practice. For practical reasons, it is also best to be familiar with reversed patterns.

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The Osho deck was the first one (ok, so i only have two haha) i bought. Good question on reversals, especially because they seem to be sort of vague about them, ie, use it if you feel it, otherwise don't. I get reversals often, and tend to see them not as an "opposite" but rather as a block or denial on my part. Example: 8 of Water, Letting Go. In reverse, perhaps this would indicate that there is something I need to let go of, but for some reason don't want to, or don't see it. On the other hand, this doesn't seem to work with all cards. Try looking at the reversed card in relationship to the overall spread, and maybe it will say something to you. Otherwise, just go with it's intended meaning. I have to admit, I like trying to figure out what a reversal may mean with this deck, although it's probably making things harder than they ought to be, lol. There are other decks out there that specify reversals, and ones that say to disregard them completely. In the latter case, I like knowing that the deck was not intended to "read" for reversed cards. The ambiguities in other cases can be interesting, but also perplexing, wouldn't you say?
I really do enjoy the Osho deck and am glad you enjoy it too!
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