Just restless or feeling shift of a new chapter coming?


I like to think deep into things, over analyze (Typical Virgo rising right? LOL)

I was just wondering a few minutes ago, I know there is a new chapter coming for me, I feel restless but tired and wanting to sleep. Like I know there are things I want to do and everything. Plus I quit my horrible job because I am moving. So I don't know, I wonder if there's a shift in energy before a new chapter starts?

Tuesday was my last day of work, Weds and Thurs I took naps, which messed up my sleep schedule and didn't like it, so I forcing myself to stay up all day today and not nap and get back on a good sleep schedule. Thankfully that isn't hard since I was well adjusted. I used to go to bed between 11-12 or around there at night and woke up at 9-10am roughly in the morning.

Maybe planets are shifting in my chart right now and I'm feeling that :)

Or it's just me and nothing else :p


Sounds like an energy shift to me... you've made some positive changes and your body/energy is is adjusting, you'll sleep when you need to and probably have some new energy when you wake :)