Karmic Relationship Spread


Mhmm, unfortunately I get confused with it. Doesn't mean the spread isn't good, but I am probably to dumb to lay it correctly. :D

Would like to see the karmic legacy spread, though.



Hum...has anyone else tried this spread? I'm looking for a spread that deals with karmic relationships, not necessarily love ones, any relationship. This one seemed nice, but i wonder if other people have used it with good results.

Thank you :)



I just did this with my New Palladini Deck. I got a reallllly interesting read. I may put it up in my readings later. Thanks!


Very good spread
Quite insightful and accurate... Shows a lot of truth of where we are


Thank you, Lillith, for this insightful spread. Will you help me out a bit with a few questions?

Will this spread work only for persons with a current partner?
If your current partner turns out not to be your soulmate, how does this dynamic affect the reading/spread?
What does "karmic meaning" mean?
What is karmic inheritance?
Does karmic future mean the next (or future) reincarnation/lifetime?

Again, many thanks.