Karmic spread



I decided to try this carmic spread I found in the internet using Thoth Tarot:

1-karmic debt. Universe (21)
2-karmic lesson. Aeon (20)
3-karmic reward. Art (14)

The question was: whtat's my karmic relationship with my work/job as a teacher?

For the fisrst one, I think it jas to do with the way I see things, I should see them as they really are, and not judge them.

The second one, in my point of view, says I must free myself from judgement and understand there's a balance in everything that happens and accept that, without thinking life is sometimes unfair to peopleor something like that.

The third one refers to an important transformation for me that goes trough balance, harmony, the integration of opposites, free from external pressures.

It looks very simple and it makes sense, but, on the other hand I wonder if I'm being too naïve?