Keeping Shtum cuz of bias...?


*The waves crash against the groynes and the walls containing the car park by the sea. The wind gusts across the car park, tugging at the trees and wrenching at the long coats of two bedraggled figures straining against the gales, holding a nervous conversation. One is a man, thick set, with dark hair and wearing a leather jacket. The other is a red head, her long grey coat soaked with rain. Eventually, they decide that braving the weather is a stupid idea, so they walk to her house, hang up the wet coats, and make a warming cup of tea. The conversation continues, and the girl withdraws a Robin Wood Tarot deck. The man smiles.

She shuffles the cards, and the man speaks to her. She deals, and sits frowning as the cards paint a picture in her mind's eye of the possible future and this man's hopes. Her own significator is laying next to his, with the Two of Cups on one side, and the Lovers on the other in a random Pyramid throw. The Fool and his dog are about to fall off the cliff above the Queen of Wands (Her sig.) and the King of Swords (his sig.) and the Ace of Cups sticks out prominently to the side of the spread, and the Empress smiles warmly at the bottom. The girl bites her lip as she tries to work out how to tell this man what will happen between them in the future...*

That is a true story, my first date with my boyf who I have been with for over six months now. That reading I did was one of the most difficult I have ever had to read! It has happened to me with new acquaintances in the recent past, and I have not been able to say what is really there, cuz I'm afraid the querent will think I'm biased or lying or something else. However, sometimes I feel guilty about this cuz I'm holding back information from the querent. It's difficult.

What do you do in situations like this? Have you got any stories about this type of reading?



No, 'fraid not. But has anyone ever told you that you have an awesome talent at writing??? That was so cool!


I totally agree !! Must admit shared a tear for the beuty - may all your hopes and dreams come true, together :)

Have had a simular experience - but that was not beutyfull - the spread was so dark and dead-on (I had insight in the querents life) that I didn?t dare do the reading - accedently the cards was lost on the floor before memorizing the positions - it just gives you the chills when you?ve already read the cards before done drawing them does it not !!