Kickstarter - Hand Painted Fairy Tale Tarot


Just to bring this to people's attention. It's been live for a little while now and has found only three backers, which quite surprises me. Granted the creator may be looking to raise a sum that it somewhat large, but I see a skilled hand in the work going into this deck. In any event, in case it's been flying under your radar, you might want to check it out. (Transparency: I have backed it, but I have no stake whatever in this deck.)


Thanks for sharing Jaybee,this looks right up my street,I love fairytale decks.Isn't the lovers card beautiful,the princess and the frog was always one of my favourite stories,I backed the project,hopefully others will too.


Lovely Empress!

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WoW! fantastic art!:)) maybe it's not backed enough because it's not completed project?:) or it's design issue? i.e apparently latest tarot trend is borderless card design and unnumbered major arcana?x,x so if it don't get backed 1st time maybe you can check out newest Tarot editions for layout references?x,x imo POD is the best!^^
feel free to ask me anything!^^:))

all best!^^