King of cups


Hello All

I would like your opinion on the King of cups. He appeares in my daily spreads almost every day since last week! What is he trying to tell me?( world spirit tarot )

Please? :(

Love and Light


Has he appeared in positions which relate to each other, or in different places? Upright or reversed? (things which spring to mind are mastery over emotions/ overcontrol, you or an aspect of you, someone else..., sometimes Rx he can be to do with overindulgence in drink or drugs)

Have you 'entered' the card and asked him? Or 'become' him and asked yourself?



hmmm....a new man perhaps? boyfriend or husband material since that's the 'father/husband' card.


.....or he could be telling you that you're spending so much time looking after other people that you're failing to nurture your own growth.

Geenius at Wrok

Or it could represent fully developed emotion and intuition directed outward: selflessness, compassion, peacemaking. Reversed, it could refer to stunted or stifled emotions.


Dear Maan.
I have the same problem!! The King of Cups is haunting my readings (as well as the Ten of Rods)! He has showed up in five readings the last few weeks, and I've had problems figuring him out. What is he trying to tell us?? :(
I hope you find out what he wants.

Keep us posted! :)


Major Tom

Sometimes, the King of Cups can be about 'keeping afloat'. })


Quote:Originally posted by Major Tom
Sometimes, the King of Cups can be about 'keeping afloat'. })

Hi you. :)
Do you mean like keeping your head above water? That even though your life is filled with chaos and problems, you will still be able to go through it OK?



it could refer to someone who really wants to be involved in relationships or commitment with others but at the same time is afraid of such desires and seems to challenge you to face your fears in relationships