King of Cups


Gentle and calm of face; possessing a full range of emotions as deep as the ocean floor; with an intuitive, balanced personality that complements and understands both the masculine and feminine qualities inherent in a person or situation...that's Robin Wood's "King of Cups." Robin has successfully captured the fathomless, soulful eyes and kind demeanor of a King worthy of representing the watery, emotion-packed suit of Cups.

The King of Cups is not a man who is afraid to show all of his diverse sides as he sits on a Lotus-petalled seat. Here is a man who is not afraid to cry. Here is a man who is loving, loyal, devoted, diplomatic, caring and compassionate. Of course, this King could represent a person of any gender, age, or race who is endowed with such qualities. It wouldn't be hard to trust such a King and know that he'll surely put much thoughtful regard into whatever matter is brought before him. But make no mistake, the King of Cups is still a KING in every sense of the word...powerful and decisive; ruler of his domain.

I find it interesting that the King of Cups is seated on a rock surrounded by a tumultuous sea, just as the woman in Robin's "Two of Swords." That's where the similarities end, because the King is not blindfolded, nor is he trapped on his throne or within his person. One can even imagine him as Neptune himself (trident proudly sitting on a confidant head), perfectly at ease ruling below the sea as well as above; capable of using excellent judgement in darkness as well as light; at home surrounded by sun-filled, blue skies or murky, pea-soup fog.

I so appreciate Robin's candid, often humorous, writing. I'm not sure I would have realized the fish necklace around the King of Cups' neck represented a phallic symbol. Robin wrote, "...'fish' is ancient slang for 'penis.' This shows...his fathering side (in the biological, not nurturing, sense.) The masculinity is always there; in spite of the strong feminine influences of this card." This guy is no limp fish, that's for sure!!

Being a court card, when the King of Cups shows up in a reading, perhaps a person with this King's qualities are important to the querent at the time. How so depends on the question asked, the spread and where such a card falls therein. Maybe the King of Cups is the querent themselves and its appearance in a reading emphasizes and reinforces the querent's own personality. If this is so, I'd especially look for the relationship of the King of Cups to any other court cards present in a What significance might such pairing(s) of cards be? Reversed, perhaps the King of Cups shows what traits of personality are needed, or conversely, possibly even getting in the way.