King of Pentacles


This King in Robin's deck, though obviously wealthy, looks down-to-earth and seems that he would be easy to converse with. He appears kindly, despite his title of king. Yet as Robin mentioned in her book, make no mistake that this man is used to having folks obey him. He likes to keep order in all that he does. To me, he's a fair person, but will fiercely stand up for what he believes in.

I've been listening to the CD's in "Court Cards: Advanced Reading Techniques," by The Tarot School Audio Course Series. I've only just finished the fifth of 16 CD's (a lot of GREAT info!) but already I am understanding the court cards better. Once I finish listening to all, I plan to go back, listen again, and take notes...just as if I was in a class with Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, who run the school in NYC. Anyways, according to the system this CD series follows, kings have their own quality, no matter what suit they are in, and that is swords/air. Therefore, this tells me that the King of Pentacles can be thought of as swords/pentacles...with all the qualities inherent in both suits. That said, I feel he is a man who is highly intelligent and thinks before he speaks. He is grounded to the earth and plans to care for it so that it will last for generations to come. I think of this king as the ultimate, wise environmentalist...someone who loves and honors the earth and ALL that's living on it and will do everything he can to protect it...and yet, he's highly concerned with all human-kind, too. He's someone who will make sure the people are taught how to GIVE to Mother Earth, so that they may TAKE only what they need (replacing what they take...a win-win situation that will surely stand the test of time.)

It's so neat that Robin put slippers on this king. Makes me think of my own Dad, who was a Taurus and loved the comforts of home. One can tell that the King of Pentacles loves his own family with all his heart. I'm reminded that one can be wealthy in other than material things.

When a king shows up in my own readings, I do ask myself if there's someone (even me!), gender aside, who fits the qualities of that particular court card, taking into account where the card falls. Many times it takes me the whole reading, going through all of the cards in a particular spread, to make me aware of this person (or qualities shown) in my life. Patience is definitely a virtue in this case and well-worth the time meditating over.


"knock and the door will open
Seek and you will find
Ask and you'll be given
The key to this world of mine."*

~ ~ ~

I'm on a main road, now. No more cozy wooded pathways. These are well trod, looking-for-all-the-world like the dusty, old west highways that lead into places like Dodge City, or Tombstone. Instead, the view up ahead holds the spires and battlements of a castle. King Arthur's Court, anyone? Thoughts of Brigadoon dance through my head. It is really quite exciting. Maybe I am ready for people; not just the one-on-one meetings and places.

I pass beneath a huge archway, squared and cobbled, heading in toward the main courtyard, along with a collection of other folk. The hustle and bustle of the inner area is enlivening. Continuing toward the second archway, I wonder if I might not be stopped and turned away. At that moment, a man, dressed in the colors of the banners which hang from the walls, steps up to me and two others. "You'll do," he says, and ushers us inside, up a never-ending stairway, down a corridor, and finally into a great hall. One guard speaks to another and leads the other two forward, and I am pulled out a side exit, leading me back downstairs, but to a different entryway. "Just follow the path until you get to the vinyard." He hands me a few empty baskets.

The wilderness had returned as I head down the footpath. I had not noticed the time passing but night has fallen, and I use a lantern to continue on my way. The area is as alive with night life, as the courtyard had been with people. I even hear the hoot of an owl.

Lost in thought, I only see the elder gentleman sitting in the I enter beneath old gnarled grapevines, crisscrossing over the path. Lanterns are hanging from a few old trees. He smiles at me as I enter his little sanctuary. "Baskets, good, good." he comments. Suddenly I realize that this man, cloaked in richly colored, and fur-lined robes is royalty. In fact, beneath a grape-leaf wreath is a crown. Before I have a chance to stumble over my words, he gesturs with his bearded chin. "Pick the grapes."

A line from a movie comes to me. "Is he how you thought he would be? He certainly isn't how I thought he would be." And I pick grapes and commune in a most unlikely way with the man who is king. I understand then that peace within any place begins at the top. If you treat others with respect, and kindness, and even gentility, it creates its own flow of like sensitivies.

He is completely at ease, and I know, sitting in the throne room, he would be likewise. I have no doubts that he is completely in control, both of himself, and of his domain as well. This in indeed is a peaceful kingdom.

~ ~ ~

First Impression: A merry old soul. A warm, soothing, friendly card. A man at home in Nature, able to blend the richness of his position with the Natural wonders of Life. This manifests a spiritual and material richness. He is the picture perfect father figure; a steady, reliable, earthy, and yes, helpful man. He enjoys his pleasures and riches, and comfort is paramount in his own world. World leaders could learn a thing or two from him.

*Song for King of Pentacles: "Welcome To My World" sung by Elvis Presley