King of Swords - Justice - Judgement - Moon - Ace of Swords Dreams / Ethereal Beings


I write a tarot blog (unpublished) each week about my readings. I generally find there are so many great blogs that cover varying topics of the tarot, but could not find a blog to match my current reading.

I read with an original reprints of the Pierre Madenie or Francios Chosson Tarot of Marseille (easily translated to Rider Waite)

I found a spread that I sometimes use from Rabbit Moon Tarot to interpret dreams:

*Dream Interpretation*

Please let me know you thoughts on my latest dream reading interpretation.

I woke up between 4.00 to 5.30 am this morning to a voice saying:
please let me stay for five more minutes.
I looked beside me and saw my bed was empty.
However, I knew that there was a spirit entity beside me.
(I have very strict rules with spirituality and will not allow contact with any thing departed from our dimension).
I immediately pointed to the door and said: get out.
I never saw the spirit.
But I strongly felt and loudly heard its energy slink over the comforter, towards the foot of my bed and out the door.
It was sulking and did not want to leave.
That is when I realized I was dreaming and forced myself to open my eyes.

*The Dream Spread*

Me as the dreamer: King of Swords
The theme of the dream: Justice
What the dream is trying to tell me: Seven of Pentacles
What I already know: Ace of Swords
What I should pay attention to: Judgement
What part of my conscious world is the dream referring to: The Moon

*The Reading*
...King of Swords...

My first impression of myself of the King of Swords is that I am a communicator and my primary means of communication are through speaking and words. It is important that my thoughts have a logical flow (eg A + B must equal C).

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: the King of Swords means that I have the ability to communicate through claircognizance and clairaudience with spirits. The being came to communicate with me, which is why the first segment of the dream I remember is waking up to a voice saying: please let me stay for five minutes longer.


My first impression of Justice as the dream theme was - she is the only female in the tarot, not in the suit of swords, that holds a sword. She communicates legal affairs. She adds offers balance not from fairness, but from cause and effect.

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: Justice governs past life contracts. The energy that contacted me was energy that I have encountered before. There is a contract that I made with this being and I now have a legal obligation to fulfil /complete / satisfy the term or obligations of the contract.

King of Swords + Justice compliment each other. They speak truth, close deals and wind up affairs without emotional and without agenda.

...Seven of Pentacles...

My first impression of the Seven of Pentacles as what the dream is trying to tell me - the harvest. Sowing seeds and waiting for life to grow.

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: what the dream is trying to tell me is that the entity that visited me is coming to collect on a contract or that I need to harvest a past life contract. The pentacles are about earth. So the card is also telling me that what I need to do is here, now and tangible. There is one final step before this past life contract is completed (via Justice).

Seven of pentacles + Justice = Sevens are a time when we can rest because everything we can and have the opportunity to do has already been done (the eights / Justice ... is when what we've already done comes back to us).

Seven of pentacles + King of swords = The king is able to cut away the wheat from the chaff, meaning it is clear who is a quality person with something to offer and who is not. Or what is real and what is not real. What will make money and what will be valueless. The king knows what is worth the effort to harvest.

...Ace of Swords...

My first impression of the Ace of Swords (what I already know): a spirit visited me this morning and it was not just a dream.

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: a spirit / ghost / being has communicated so clearly with our world and dimension that it was audible (sounds travels through air).

Ace of Swords + King of Swords: The Ace is the beginning. The best person in the tarot to have an Ace of Swords is the King of Swords. He knows exactly what to do with the burst of creative and clear thought that gives him so much drive and energy. He has learned through mental and emotional anguish and confusion to recognize answers when they arrive. He is a master of meditation and mind control.

Ace of Swords + Justice: Whatever grogginess I am feeling from the dream will become finitely clear to me.

Ace of Swords + Seven of Pentacles: The waiting period is coming to a close


My first impression of Judgment (what I should pay attention to): biblically, judgment is less kind version of Justice. Justice is quiet, she's a concept (the Law says X, you ignored X and did Y, so Z will resolve the conundrum). Judgment is loud and heard by all. Justice and Judgement are independent coefficients. One can exist without the other. When they exist together - something has been set in stone. It has been done, it has been written and it has been disseminated for all to see.

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: my ethereal impression is that there was some other being in the room this morning with me. I sent the spirit who begged me for five more minutes out. Others were watching. Others know what Justice has ordered to satisfy the past life contract and they are waiting for me to fulfill my obligations.

...The Moon...

My first impression of The Moon (my conscious life the dream relates to): The Moon is me. I am pisces, I am mysterious and intuitive. Wolf is my spirit animal and I read for myself at the full, waning quarter, new and waxing quarter moon. I am welcoming the full moon in Leo, the 11 February 2017 Penumbral lunar eclipse and the snow comment.

Ethereal / past life / communicating with spirits / ghosts impression: I know the spirit that tried to visit me this morning, but because of my earthly state I cannot remember who they were or my past life contract with them. I will have difficulty connecting this spiritual experience to my earthly life.

Moon + Judgment = I do not know who is judging / passing an assessment on me or why
Moon + Ace of Swords = my own worst inception. Is what I know of my real life what I know and is what I know of the ethereal life what is the ethereal life. Maybe its knowing both
Moon + Seven of Pentacles = The Moon is the portal to the waking world, and the dream was accurate / as I believe it was
Moon + Justice = As the full moon approaches Libra, this is balance, trust, truth, knowing that you're not crazy, knowing what really happened, knowing its okay to leave some people in the dark and without truth (for a time).
Moon + King of Swords = As the dreamer I knew, but in my conscious life I cannot know.


Please let me know you thoughts, intuitions, beliefs, vibes and feedback.

Much love & Peace

Marius Cross