Knave of Wands & Four of Cups


I recently did a series of readings over time for a lady in a country and culture that was foriegn to me. Her husband had left her to pursue studies in the occult, she was raising children on her own with no immediate means of support, and was receiving no help from her/his family. The first reading gave her a different view of "hope" than what she wished to hear (but the reading proved true). Later, readings indicated that she had to make a decision relative to the changes that had since developed in her life. Reluctant to make a hard decision she asked for a final reading. The cards of the Fey deck were so appropriate to her that I wanted to share them here.

Her view of the situation was represented by the Knave of Wands. This Fey is obviously bored and waiting as a small ball with a sprig of leaves growing from it is suspended above an open palm. This lady was waiting for life to make a decision for her even though she had the power to make that decision and had been told in a previous reading that she had to face this process.

Her husband had apparently reached a point where his family could no longer support his dream chasing and he wanted to return for the purpose of draining what little resources this lady had for his own needs. The advice card for this lady was the Four of Cups. This Fey is suspended, lazily, above a large goblet of wine and is very relaxed. This card indicated, in the context of the reading, that she was to avoid immersing herself in her passion and feelings for her husband. She wanted so much for the family to be as it was, but that was not to be -- based on her continuing story and on the cards.

It was striking to see the card that represented her view of the situation (the Knave of Wands) and the advice card (the Four of Cups) present such a graphical portrait for her. I am always amazed at the images of this creative deck and how they find a way to so accurately describe situations.

Oh, the outcome cards -- if she takes the advice then the Seer comes into play. If she rejects the advice the King of Pentacles shows (despite the book's suggestion) a dominating King with a mailed fist -- control, domination. Dave.


Hi Dave!
Just read this post - Been attending other matters and am only now getting back into this board, and catching up on past posts.

I really like the Fey deck! And I just wanted to say how well you wrote about your experiences with this client. Your post looked lonely sitting here, and I wanted you to know that I had read it and it touched me in some way, mainly I guess in that you read the 'cards' and not LWB meanings. Now that I have come along in this manner myself, reading of others' adventures in the NOW readings, from the heart as prompted by the card, my tarot life has taken on a whole new meaning. A life of its own, really. I feel so much freer!! ... free-er?

Anyway -