Knight of Cups, 8 Strength


Guess I'll start the ball rolling :)
Here it's Saturday, 08-04-01. My Daily Cards are Knight/Cups & 8/Strength.
I've had occasion to read the first as referring to a relative--he came to mind when I saw it. After I shuffled & pulled the Knight, I noticed 8/Strength hanging out of the deck's box. Apparently, I missed picking it up with the rest of the deck but immediately saw it as being significant. Both cards could apply to an aspect of the relationship with this person as well as to a work-related concern. I have some ideas on both areas, but would welcome feedback. Thanks in advance!


i always seem to see knights as a love interest for some reason. of course, remember that in my perspective, i use the cards mainly for self exploration and discovery, and my boyfriend is a big part of my life right now - he's almost always on my mind. i know, i'm obsessed. in this case, cups, as the emotional suit, would seem to indicate the potential for love as well. though it really could show any kind of emotion.

i've always like majors like strength and justice, where the name of the card indicates its meaning. i think the addition of the strength card modifies the intensity of the other - perhaps as intense emotion regarding this person. especially in that it was the second card pulled, and not the first, i see it as a modifier, and not as the main focus.

i'll say this - had i pulled these two cards as my daily cards, i might see its meaning as someone either really liked me, or really hated me, depending on the feeling i got when i pulled them. unless of course, the direction of the energy was from the inside out - perhaps you really hate or love this person...

luv and light,


Depending on whether or not you see the 8/Swords as yourself or not. . .

I would say that you either love this person or are loved by this person, and that for some reason (that you already know), you can't express your feelings or this person can't express his/hers.

In a work situation, I would say that you are looking at the possibility of a wonderful new opportunity that you feel you won't be able to take advantage of because you're afraid.


Compared to some, I am extremely new to this but this is what I think (chalk it up to inexperience it I am way off). The Knight of Cups represents someone in your life who is idealistic maybe having romantic notions about life. The fact that 8/Strength was left behind in the box may indicate that the person represented by the Knight of Cups needs to pay more attention to his/her "strength". They should be more aware of their own abilities (athletic, academic, spiritual, whatever), and have the courage to subdue the facets of themselves that are not necessarily a strength (vanity, dishonesty, etc.) Perhaps you pulled these cards as a sign that you are to communicate to this person the things that you feel are gifts to them that they are not utilizing. Maybe this person is in a slump and just needs some encouragement.


Nexy & AzGirl: You've given me more to think about regarding the Knight of Cups.
8/Strength is a card I've long identified with. It's appearance is always significant.
It's very interesting, AZGirl, that you mention 8/Swords: up until a few years ago, it used to appear frequently as a Daily Card & in spreads.
The ambiguous work situation is one that has been of concern due to persistant rumors about the status of local stores of my company. There was a buy-out less than a year & a half ago so the current company/owner is not the one who hired me. Although my particular location is not included in the rumors, many co-workers including those in managerial positions have left from my store & other locations. Due to the turnover & other things that characterize the business, it's difficult to say the rumors are influencing them. I'm aware of a lack of "official information" relating to this; also the unwillingness of managers to talk about the subject.
I considered job-hunting; however, I decided not to, to wait a bit longer & see.
Thank you both very much for your time & thoughts!


Ericadoe: What you've said makes much sense & could well apply. The person I initially thought of is one for whom I've interceded on various things because of his relationship to me--he is my older step-son. His relationship with the rest of his family can best be described as estranged. There has been an unwillingness by other relatives to address him. He has a long history of actions belying his words; not taking responsibility for his actions or non-action. The resulting consequences always affect not just him but others--the latest I suspected & had confirmed by his ex, who lives in another state & contacted me. I know he was angry with me for speaking to him about the care of his daughter, who lives with her mom but was here recently on a month-long visit with him. She also spent some time with me & what I found confirmed my suspicions of some neglect.
BTW: I think your intuition serves you well, & I appreciate your take.
Additionally, since the cards can be read on more than one level, I am also taking note of Nexyjo's & ArizonaGirl's impressions.
Thank you all :)


Greetings Meewah! :) My immediate impression of these two cards is that it was work-related.


I see the knight of cups as someone (or situation) is which there is much emotion brewing. There is a feeling of a need to express one's feelings and to let them out. Depending on the position of the card (reversed?) this could be more difficult for the person to do, do honestly face their feelings. Shows a need to delve delve deeper into what those feelings really are and realize that with them and with expressing them are we more truly alive. Some warning to temper the flow of feelings with grounding. (especially if reversed).

In my deck the strength card is number eleven. It also talks about expression of feelings. And is related to the knight card. Looking at the different additions to the number eleven, we have the magician plus the fortune card, using our abilities to work on our present resources. This card tells us to feel what we feel and express them. Be yourself. If reversed, again, this may mean difficulties in expressing feelings, or difficulties in controlling feelings.

Another way of looking at the strength card could be by correlating it with I Ching. The book that I study suggests that it is related to # 26, TaCh'u/The taming power of the great. How to have great emotion and to keep it still. This same book also mentions the months of July and August as times for great courage with this card.


Tarotbear: Thank you. I do see the cards as applying to my work situation. They confirm how I've chosen to deal with it, a "wait & see" attitude.
There is a Chinese phrase that literally translates as "look-look", which means to look, wait, & look again. There is the sense of waiting in patience with this (like that of 12The Hanged Man, which was my Year Card last year); that at the right time, there will be clarity.


Kyrie: I also can see the cards as applying personally on an inner level--part of the multi-layered significances that can be seen in Tarot.
I am most intrigued by the I Ching correlations--what is the book you are using as reference? I am interested in acquiring it for further study.
Thank you for the thoughtful response--more food for thought!