Knight of Cups / hope for the spark to be revived? Love reading



The title suggests my main question which is if the Knight of Cups (a single card reading) on the question: is there any hope for this relationship to be revived is positive. I pulled the card just after this man told me that although he felt something very strong up to few days ago, this has now changed and what we had can no longer continue since his feelings changed to cold and distant.

My understanding (but not sure if this is my wishful thinking) is that the card suggests that he will come back again with emotions and another attempt to be linked together will be made based on a new emotional offer. What do you think? On the other hand is not an amazingly strong card as the lovers could have been and is a solitary card' does not show two people together.

I post this here and not on the cards interpretation because I think it is important to walk you through this story also with the other tarot cards I had pulled on different aspects about this relationship. Amazingly, they have all been so accurate as tested by real life events, so I think it is also worth sharing but if it violates the policy please remove this part.

For the time he said he felt very strongly: the card I had pulled for his feelings at that time was 'the Lovers'. For our connection I kept getting pentacles that was reasurring to me. When the romance started I had Ace of Pentacles/ Two of Cups

When I noticed that he was different and withdrawn just a few days ago: I asked again for his feelings and I got: 3 of wands.
Apparently, my instinctive response was that he had turned his back to me as it was my literal experience and that thinking of his ex girlfriend (a third party) might have something to do with it. The day after I asked the same question and pulled again the three of wands! So I was sure that this represents truly his feelings. Not wanting to think he is turning far from me I told myself that maybe he feels calm amd just takes time to reflect and has questions. He was looking me with confusion and questions rather than with love.

A couple of nights ago I asked what is the future of our relationship and I pulled: 5 of cups.
It meant that I would lose him but at the same moment I saw the card he came to my door and seemed to love me again and that we got closer.

So the next day I was thinking the shadow of that card in this context were he became again warmer. So I asked again what his feeling were now for me and I got the chariot (I thought it means he is in conflict as his feelings for me stand on the way of his goal to be free and unattached and also travel far soon) but for how he sees me I got: two of cups! I thought at least not all is gone he can still see the connection we have.

And then last night he broke up with me saying I like him more than he does and he cannot have as much time for me as I want to have with him. He felt something very strong before but now not any more.

I asked if there is any hope or all is gone (thinking that 5 of cups is not maybe as strong indication of definite end as three of swords, ten of swords, eight of cups or death) or there is still some hope to make again what it was and I received the knight of cups (hoping that means yes he will come again with feelings). As for his feelings for me the break uo night I got ten of wands: which is in line with all the rest: he feels burdened by his feelings for me all my feelings for him.

I hope posting all the cards does not break the rules an is OK for this thread. Apologies, if I got it wrong.

I think that posting all the single cards I had about him can give a helpful context into which to see this knight of cups. It crosses my mind that it might mean that someone else will come into my life, but my question was very clear and was whether there is any hope to revive what it was between us: the strong feelings and falling in love.

Thank you.