Knight of pentacles/Queen of cups/knight of swords


Hi all!

I did a three card spread using Mythic Tarot, the spread was for a woman who wants to know if a old friend will re-enter her life romantically. The question was "what is the potential for x to come back into y's life romantically" I drew:

Knight of pentacles : Stability, dependable, although he's still not as mature as the queen of King. I feel this suggests progress in regards to this question is slow moving with much thought.

Queen of Cups: compassion, love, and in check with her emotions. I feel this suggests that there isn't any ' crush' or unrequanted love or feelings in regards to the question.

Knight of swords: I've not much experience with this card, but I feel as though an 'action' will be a either a surprise or unexpected. And might not stay the distance...

And the card at the bottom of the deck (I was include this card) was the Ace of cups, so an overflow of emotions, emotional new beginning.

Again I'm really stumped with these cards as the court cards I always struggle with.

Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you


The Knight of Pents as the first card drawn seems to represent the querent's "friend", and unlike the other Knights, he stays right where he is on an immobile horse, seemingly just fine with how things are now; Earthy/Pent folks generally choose to keep the status quo rather than seek adventure or transformation, so I don't feel that he intends to return — at least not in any way that would involve change (such as friendship becoming romance, especially he hadn't demonstrated that inclination before).

Followed by the Queen of Cups, she'd still be alone with and focused on feelings for him. Immersed in the Water of her emotions, she's far from immune to being led astray by them, or so "flooded" that logic and reality are ignored, despite her Queenly age and assumed experience... The Ace seems to reinforce, as well, that the reading/topic is all about one person's desire: to bare her soul as an offer and fully experience what she's been holding onto, straight from the heart...

The Knight of Swords could then represent where the querent is heading — with doubly driven, even runaway thoughts about "her" guy, fuelled not only by what she wants to achieve but also increased impatience. She may be led to make contact as a result, perhaps saying something blunt, harsh or controversial in the hopes of goading him into motion... But the steady Knight of Pents wouldn't likely be destabilized, leaving her mind still edgy and wired in the end.


Hi Indigowaves,

Yes, I can see your interpretation with these cards. Especially being on the outside of these two looking in. I think 'her' emotions is clouding her judgement or what she wants to happen, instead of what is or isn't happening between these two. Thank you, you have cleared this up for me.


I'm glad to have helped. Cheers. :)