Knight of Swords (Robin Wood)


Now this really isn't a question so much as it is an observation. This morning I pulled the Knight of Swords in reverse as my "body" card. It made sense for me physically, I won't go into why ;) .

Anyway... I turned the card over and really looked at it. I looked at the Pegasus the Knight was riding. It just struck me all of a sudden that the horse's eye looked like it was rolled up in his head. And his general experession just looked sort of exasperated. He seemed to say "Yeah, yeah, I'm charging already! Sheesh, dude!" :D

Just struck me as funny and wanted to share. It also struck me as funny because Mojo said something about a "high-horse" in another spread and I guess you can't get much higher than a horse that flies. :p

Rhiannon :)


Humour is grande !! 8) :-D :-o !