Knight of Swords

Major Tom

If you have a look at my profile you will find the Knight of Swords card from Major Tom's tarot }>

The photo of the main character is of my girlfriend's only sibling. It was taken following an evening out with the family at one of their favorite restaurants. It was his birthday. He was in his sister's flat, with his parents (and me) seated, dancing with his sister. It was also the first time I met him. }>

I solicite your opinions both positive and negative. }> Does the card work? Does it speak to you as the Knight of Swords? Is there anything missing? All constructive criticism gratefully received. }>


You really like those green evil faces don't you?! Ah well. Anyway, what is the thing behind the motor bike? Otherwise, I quite like the card... He looks like a typical Swords man, y'know, dark hair, etc etc. He also looks quite pleased with himself, and confident, which is what I would consider the Knight of Swords to be. I like the yellowish cloudy background you've used too. very airy.



I have to go along with questioning the motor cycle, cool as it is. If the Knight of Swords had a modern steed, wouldn't it be a glider? And I can't imagine anyone wearing that white outfit on the back of a bike. A cycle seems more in keeping with the Knight of Wands; just my humble opinion there.

That said, he's a darn good Knight of swords he is. As Kiama said, confident, out there, open. Very KS! Good choice.


I like it!
I can see the motorcycle as being a Knight of Swords kind of thing, you know, roaring off in a cloud of dust, wind in the hair and all. Yeah, it works for me. I would see the Knight of wands as an SUV kind of guy, actually. And perhaps for the Knight of Pentacles...a monster truck?!!! Also, the card I would like to be on is Death. Scorpio female, what can I say!


Major Tom,
The card doesn?t work too well for me but it has lots of potential! I like the guy and I like the motorcycle, but I don?t see much that connects the guy with the motorcycle. It ends up looking like a collage without enough images to actually be a collage. What would happen if the guy was holding a wrench and repairing the motorcycle? I?m thinking of the Knight of Swords using his mind to fix the motorcycle or get more power from the engine. I don?t know if this would work, I?m just thinking out loud right now. The yellow background is a bit too big or too bright or too something. And, what IS that thing behind the bike? Oh Tom, now you?ve done it! This is too fun. I may have to think about making my own deck! :D


Quote:DarkElectric (12 Oct, 2001 04:08):
I like it!
I can see the motorcycle as being a Knight of Swords kind of thing, you know, roaring off in a cloud of dust, wind in the hair and all.

'Kay, I could see that. But I still can't see the white suit. If you're going that way, why not a fluttering scarf, old fashion motorcycle goggles, something like that?


I love motorcycles, but for me, a motorcycle speaks of groundedness (being a ground vehicle); the element of Earth rather than Air.
The all-white outfit looks a wee bit bland for a knight. Silver, gray &/or blue seem more appropriate as possible colors relating to air. A yellow background is good as yellow is associated with intellect.
I like the idea of a pilot with an aviator's headgear, goggles, "bomber" jacket & a scarf trailing in the wind while sitting in a plane or a plane in the background.
What is that thing in the background? It looks like a window with bars on it.
BTW: I admire you for being inspired to create your own deck--blessings to you!

Major Tom

Thank you for your comments, they are all very helpful and thought provoking.

Kiama: Yes, I'm rather attached to the little green devil. I wouldn't call him evil thought... }>

Thirteen: A glider? Why didn't I think of that? A hang glider or ultralight would work really well. Don't often see either in my part of the world. :) I like the scarf idea.

DarkElectric: If you'd really like to be the Death card e-mail me. A Scorpio female would be perfect. ;-)

Raeanne: Go for it!

MeeWah: I like your colour suggestions. I'll see what I can do. The thing in the background is a window with vertical blinds - I put it there because I felt it aided the composition artistically.

Everyone: The motorcycle is there simply as my idea of a modern equivalent of a horse. From the size you might not be able to tell he's running through a hail storm?

Are there any other symbols I could add?


Usually, the court cards stand for different Zodiac symbols. Which one stands for which depends on the deck, but you should be consistent. So is you decide that this Knight is, say, Gemini, then all Knights should be "Mutable" signs. Ditto with the Queens and Kings--decide which ones are the Cardinal signs, which the Fixed, which the Mutable. This helps most decks decide what symbols to put on the court cards (have you ever noticed how, typically, in the pentacle court cards, one always seems to have bull horns in it, and one has ram horns, and one has wheat?). If your Knight of Cups is, say, Pisces, then you could have him gazing into a crystal goblet which contains two fish. You get the idea.

Swords are, obviously, air signs. So which one is your Knight of Swords? If Gemini, then put symbols around him that reflect Gemini--not "twins" necessarily, but you could add a mail bag (Gemini being all about messages), something like that :)


Major Tom!
I have e-mailed you! I think you'd find me an appropriate Death card. I was born on Samhain!