Knight of Swords


The "Knight of Swords" is sooo very different from Robin's "Knight of Pentacles." In fact, looking at all four knights in the deck together, it's clear to me that the Knight of Swords is the most forward-moving, no-holds-barred kind of guy. Everything about this card suggests movement and air...from the winged horse; to the Knight's winged helmet; to the radiating energy of the lightening and stormy clouds...WOW! Nothing is stagnant in this court card. When the Knight of Swords comes up in a reading, one can be sure that SOMETHING is going to happen, is happening or has happened (depending on the spread and where the card falls)...something BIG is either brewing, or occurring NOW or is sure to take place and the querent needs to sit up and take notice. And because it's a court card, that something may be brought on by the querant or someone in his/her life.

As in the King and Queen of this same suit, this Knight is focused on what he's doing and thinking. What seems different between the three cards is that the Knight is not stationary in any way...he's bursting through the air and whatever he's decided needs to be done, he's doing it succinctly and in as clear-cut a way as the sharpest sword edge can pussing-footing around. He may be thinking with split-second precision AS he's going forward and we can only hope that he's combined his keen intellect with some amount of wisdom...or all sorts of havoc could be wreaked.

Of all the horses Robin has drawn in her deck, this one is my favorite. This is a horse so in-tune with his/her rider that they're a team...physically and mentally. The wings are gorgeously drawn and the horse's face depicts the same intelligence (and possibly more!) as the Knight. In a reading, this team could actually represent the need for working together so closely that two (or more) act as one in order to get the task at hand done, with no worry that individuality of each person is lost. In a case like that, it's NOT a time for one person's ego and pride to rise above the other's.