Lady of the Harvest


Hi fellow Faeries fans

Can I ask you all what your take would be on this card? Its my card of the day and I'm finding it a little tough fitting it into my day as its been the usual boring work day for me (except for the works xmas lunch)



The phrase that always comes to mind for me with this card is "As you sow, so shall you reap". She appears as a reminder that good deeds and positive attitudes have pleasant consequences - a smile and friendly word for a passing shopper may lift an unhappy person's mood enough for them to go home and play with their children, and so on....

Perhaps this was a day where actions resonated in other people's lives, and 'good karma' is being banked.


Thanks Dark_angel

I always think this of this cards meaning as being similar to death in tarot. I prefer yours though!



Christmas overload

I got the Lady of the Harvest two days ago. And I don't know maybe I was in a bad mood at the time but when I sat there looking at her it just made me tired.
It reminded me of how at this time of year it's almost too much.
To much food, shopping, gifts, visiting, relatives, cleaning, decorating, go go go.
She was a reminder to slow down and not over do it.
Enjoy things a little at a time or your going to end up with a bunch of stale left over Christmas cookies, 5 lbs of holiday flab, a maxed out credit card, and an argument with my sister that won't be resolved untill next May!

I don't know if this speaks to anything in your life Moonbow* but it sure spoke volumes to me.
So I'm putting my feet up and enjoying my eggnog this year without alot of fuss and feathers.
Thanks to the Lady of the Harvest.
Namaste. lark


Well now this could be it! Today its a work collegue's 50th birthday - and dont we know it. She's been celebrating it all week. Now normally this would be ok with me but she's a very loud, overpowering and rude woman and I know I wasn't the only person who was waiting for the turn of midnight tonight!

Talk about overload!!!



I often see a restriction concept in her. Yes, it's time to count chickens, because it's autumn. But if you plant anything know, it will be useless. In other words, it's not time to start new projects, and overload can be seen as a natural phenomenon, because you would want to pick up your fruits and pumpkins before the 1st frost hits the ground. It is the Lady of the Harvest to point out those changes first. She says - you've been warned. If you continue to go on this way, don't complain if you are 'suddenly' feel exhausted. This is natural.

Well, just thoughts on Her. Might be helpful, might be not.


To Octopus and the others that have commented so far, your views on this card is (as always) so insightful and inspiring. I love reading all the posts made here.

I agree that Lady of the Harvest is about conservation and reserves. Money is tight, so be careful what you do with it (the fruit is showing it's first signs of frost). I completely agree (but never saw it quite like that before) that she does have a message to her about not starting any new projects! The lady in the background though (always speaks loudly to me) when you look at the card, she's the little lady wearing a white corset dress that bellows out and falls to about her knees, her head is turned in that "sigh what now" look, as she holds an acorn (I think) but her head is turned the opposite of the hand holding the acorn. In any case, she always speaks to me about someone the querent knows that is partying hardy, or is an alcoholic (or drug addict). This woman won't listen to anyone (she enjoys the fermenting of the fruitation a little too much) and is in love with the habit. Often this puts a uncomfortable distance between the two people (the querent and the person it is relating to). I read that Moonbow posted about the person celebrating their 50th b-day and being a bit obnoxious about it, and this could definitely be the person it's talking about. Just thought that I would share that with you all. I hope this faerie has been able to get her sweet message across to you one way or the other hon. Take care.



Thank You, sagitarian! :)
Yes, now I see an aspect concerning addictions in Her, although I never thought about it that way. But this is very valuable knowledge for me, as I am often trying to figure out messages from Her as She chooses to be a guide for me from time to time (in a daily card). Now I have a part of me to look closely at, when She appears. :)


Yes Sagitarian,

My thanks also, what you've said about this card does confirm my feelings on the day I drew it about this woman at work. I feel I understand the card more now too.

Moonbow* :)


She's the card I picked as my favorite when I got the deck (this morning!).

Yes, yes I caved and love froud's artwork so figured it was a happy thing for myself.

She struck me as introspective. Searching within and quietly taking count of her life and where she may go forward into the future. What things to take with her and what to leave behind. The smiling happy fey around her are keeping guard. Keeping her safe and loved and there for her after her soulsearching to wisk her away to dance and play and celebrate her choices.

I was surprised to read the description in the book after I wrote my notes on the card. The description does make her sound like the Death card in Tarot and in this deck actually.

Which leads me to my next thought which I'll post in another thread.