Laiste, Moon's Daughter...


Let's talk about Laiste... She has been showing herself to me several days in a row now.. :eek:)

Its funny how you find new faeries - that you may not have completely noticed before - that you all of a sudden love.. This has happened with Laiste (and Nelys the Alchemist too)

I have always been draw to the Moon card in tarot - so seeing Laiste is not a big surprise. But she is a paradox in a way to me...

Like the moon, she is mysterious, and spiritual, and psychic... she speaks in your dreams..

BUT - she is so much fun. Look at her face. She loves to play - and run - and fly. She's a bit mischievious, but in a fun way..

She makes me want to be like her, when I watch her...

But I also know she speaks in symbols and riddles.. and I'm still not quite sure what she's trying to tell me.. I sure hope I figure it out before I fall in that bog!


"She makes me want to be like her, when I watch her..."

I got really lucky two or three years ago, and again and again found myself walking home late, under a full moon, through the trees, away from people and houses. The moonlight on a full moon night is different from the night just before or just after the full moon - it's not just that it's brighter - it's as if the energy's on a higher level. It's very difficult to put it in words, but full moon light is spectacularly beautiful - it can make you stop and smile. It looks good on skin too - I recommend it. When's your next full moon?


Today when I asked what faeries will be alongside me today, three cards fell out.

1. The singer of healing
2. Laiste Moon's Daughter
3. Death

I understand healing and death, and it makes perfect sense to me, and I'm glad these two faeries are showing me that they are with me today. But Laiste, she confuses me in the mix. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe while I'm trapped somewhere between healing and transformation, her message is "don't forget to have some fun too", but then, I would see that as more the "green woman's" message, not Laiste. I agree whole heartedly that she speaks in a riddle that I can not make out, and given that I've strayed away for so long from both divination and fae, it's going to be a task for me to open my ears to their messages, and understand their messages once again. But for now, Laiste, and the head she sits upon is so puzzling, but it holds the energy of "light heartedness" like, "don't worry, things will be ok, see...look?" and trying to show me something fun. She gives me the feeling of hope, that things aren't as they seem, nor as bad as they feel. I do love how luminous she is, just like the moon.

After pondering what the "moon" means to me, and it's symbology, it simply represents romance. Night time in general to me is safety and fun times to be had. She's definitely a good friend, I just wish I understood her better. In this she's talking to me about my "night owl" tendencies and nocturnal instincts.

So interested in seeing what others feel from this fae?!



I totally agree with what you say about Laiste and light-heartedness and moonlit romance- just looking at her white glow gives me that special magical feeling of a moonlit walk with someone special! The tarot meaning for the moon comes to mind as well- ideas of subconciousness, dreams, mystery...

I love Laiste's expression- just revelling in the feeling of naked moonbathing! Epona's Wild Daughter is so similar but she has a regal expression...she is still and calm whilst Laiste seems ready to spring- to join the wild hunt or midnight dancing! She has a touch of the 'thinker' pose too though...half closed eyes seeing the otherworld, the future...

I think that in your spread I might interpret the 'healing transformation' that needs to occur will somehow involve using your own powers of vision and dreaming...perhaps bringing the mystical side of yourself and the practical everyday self into closer harmony?


greenbeans said:
I think that in your spread I might interpret the 'healing transformation' that needs to occur will somehow involve using your own powers of vision and dreaming...perhaps bringing the mystical side of yourself and the practical everyday self into closer harmony?
I completly agree with this. In addition, I think she wants you to look into yourself as I believe in many ways there is much of her in you, and she wants you to remember that. The radiance, the gentle smile, those are you Sage. So bottom line is you are the key to the healing transformation happening. You hold all the answers. Look at yourself with love, and be honest with yourself and the healing will begin. The end result will be serenity.


Laiste crouches on another's head... this is typical of faeries who use their innate abilities to "spring" from your head, combining your thoughts/feelings abuot an issue with her own! If it's difficult to separate Laiste's influence from your own, that's on purpose, I say! ;)

Laiste is natural in her sexuality, if that makes sense. She is more "animalistic" in her approach to sexuality, less "human" - the values and constructs we place on sex and sexuality, those aren't values she shares.

Her wings are full, barely tattered. Laiste hasn't had a lot of tough battles really, she's an inspirational Fae. She shows up to give you eskimo kisses and make you laugh, is my feeling. That radiance again, like others have said, that she knows how to share....

She's got a tail you know. A tail balances you, in the animal kingdom. She's very well balanced, even if her casual position doesn't show it. Also, her horsey hooves often "clop-clop" in my ear when she shows up. She may make the situation start to "gallop" along when she pops in.

(The look of Laiste reminds me of Ally Sheedy from her heyday in the 80s, giggledy snort!)


Looking back on the day that I picked her, it didn't occur to me until I was already there, that I had plans that evening, to go to a belly dancing show. I've been involved (loosely) in belly dancing for years, but now I'm getting more serious about it. I'm taking a beginners course, since I've had no real "constructional, traditional" training. The place I'm taking classes from, presented a belly dancing show last sat evening, and I bought tickets ahead of time to attend. I definitely had that feeling, of just watching in awe, smiling, and critiquing in my own mind, praises to the dancers I saw perform. Some are just beginning, some are way advanced, and everything in the middle. I had that feeling of being so inspired to dance, but that night was just for watching in the audience. She's reminded me of what I once dreamed of becoming in my dancing, and yet I still have no "real" goals. I just love the dance, the clothes, the jewelry, the music, everything about it I love and adore. I'm allowing myself to be emmersed inside it, just like the moon bathing your skin. It's a great feeling, a refreshing one, and I have laiste by my side, smiling and cheering me on while I take a turn on my journey of dancing.

It still doesn't necessarily "help" me understand Laiste any better, but now I have a personal experience with her, and I understand more with my heart of what my sister says about "if you can't tell the difference between her intentions and you're own, then that's on purpose" (if I misquoted, then I apologize alissa, hugs). Either way, I'm glad she was there sat., and I'll look forward to future visits from her.



I saw this faerie as a bit more rambunctious than epona's daughter. Kinetic action. Her eyes are closed, smiling, she seems a little wicked in a good way. She has glinting white wings The fae under her is grinning, balancing fun and seriousness