Hi there !

Maybe a few of you already know this deck by watching the origin. But now it´s realy complete. I worked 14 month on it. This thread I opened to have a form for telling you about the end of the work and the start of the decks life, what was the 7.7.07, a nice date, I guess.

This is the baby ;) :

In this time and in this process of work, I could explore my world of Tarot. For being able to paint the deck, it was necessary for me, to have a clear imagination about the Tarot-structure. My aim was, to find a common basis of Crowley, Waite, Kabbala, Astrology and numbers. The back of my cards show the Tarot-structure (there only the structure of the major arcana, the minor arcana have four loops), what I found and what gives me a lot of solutions for understanding the Tarot and the principles of life. I would say, this structure is very logical and totaly symmetric, what makes it seem true. Maybe more about that, if you´re interested.

By painting these cards, I learned a lot about symbolism of forms and colours. Often I could watch, how one colour found it´s way to the next form. And I recognized, that all things get a little colour of the next form in the real life too, because all things are connected with the others. Nothing really can be seperated. Each card gave me a new lesson. This was something like an initiation, surely a very intensive way, and I won´t miss it.

So thanx to everybody, who watched the deck growing ore wrote something in the other threads, where I will add the explanations of the few left cards in the next days:


Now, that the deck is complete, I´m loocking for a publisher, sure. I got one in Germany, I met him, and so he has already noticed my work. But, I think, it would really help, if a few people write to him about their interest in the deck.
Who likes to do that, can look for the "Kontakt" on the following site. I would be very thankful for your help :love: !



Congratulations on finishing your deck, Langustl!
It is strikingly've done a wonderful job!

I enjoy how you describe colour finding its way from one card to the next, in the card creation process just as in life. How true!

You should be very pleased with how this tremendous effort turned out. I hope things work out with the publisher!

Warmest regards,


Is there some person in particular that you want us to write to?

When do you hope to hear about possible publication?

I am having a little celebration for you right now! Here, have a glass of wine and some cheese!


Thanks, MrsOnePotato !

Yes I´m pleased with that result. If I show the cards to the people, I can feel, how effect they have on them. And it´s always a very warm reply, what I get back. And this is realy beautiful :love: warm regards back to you

And thanks, Debra !

Especially for celebrating ;). You can contact Johannes Fiebig, if you want, that´s probably good. That´s the person I know. Mails from all of the word would surely impress him. What I think about the publishing is a contract this year with a publishing date next year, because I thing the market is planed for this year, but I don´t know. We will see :love:

Durant Hapke

your work is working...

Mad artist Langustl,

Bring it, and wave a flag of awesome -- Masterful job to be sure!

Your action is on, I've been keeping my eyes all about this funky basket of effort, talent, and goodness a happy long while -- pure congratulations.

Yeah, I'll try, and Jack bird bring it with Johannes Fiebig.

Great color -- I'm feeling loaded up -- your images and imagination have got me floating, and spinning in a kind of Zelda paradise.

If you've not beat the buttons off of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, your missing mad, mad, good times. I cried big blubbering when that game ended. I truly laid on the floor, and choked on a pipe of searing tears.

I'd been chipping away at it for months (yeah, perhaps fourteen -- go figure), busting the move with the rock Goron dudes, riding my pony Epona, drinking potions, and collecting rupees.

Then, not without warning, but with unsettling abruptness, I found my self working it with the big boss -- "Bring your electric fire, Boss Man! Bring it, Ganondorf, and feel my funky blade action cock you a burr." It was a Saturday, I was with this Tracy chick then, she was out at working at the mall, I was eating beer for breakfast (it's a food you know), when, WAMB! I kill the stinking Jack Boss! "No, no way, it can't be over..."

Brothers, and Sisters, it was. The music swells, and the kick ass little parade of friends starts marching by, waving and partying. Awesome. I need to go do a bit of Zelda reflection.

Rocking sorry about digression, it just flows like that.

Your sharing appreciated, as is your inspiration.

Durant "Deku Tree" Hapke



Congratulations, friend! Job well done!

good luck!



Congratulations on finishing your tarot! I wish you well with finding a publisher. They are beautiful cards!


Hi there :love:!

Thanks for all your good wishes and support with thoughts. Special thanks to you, Durant Hapke for your impressing and flowing eruption ;) !


Hello Langustl,
I've sent you a PM regarding your deck...


I answerd you ;)