Laughing Like a Hyena at this spread


"My life is a Hot Garbage Fire" spread... I can't take credit... I found it on tumblr, and it's too good to not share :3

Seriously, it looks like a good spread though.


This spread looks great. I'll have to try it. I'm a little afraid to, though.

What a great find.


Hahaha! Adding this to my lil book 'o tarot and sharing on FB while I'm at it. Brilliant.


Welp... this week my life officially became a hot garbage fire, and it reached peak flame today. I'll be doing this spread tonight and posting it in daily draws...


Here is the spread (from The Cracked Amethyst site):

1, 2, 3: What’s on fire?
I know you think you don’t need these three cards. But trust me, you need these three cards.They orient the whole spread to make sure you’re on the same page as to what’sreally gone up in flames in your life.

4: Is it really that bad?

What’s the reality? What’s the lesson here? All the time, “bad” things happen (or spontaneously combust) and it’s actually for our own good. Here’s a peek at your silver-lining, though you may not be ready to embrace it yet. Also, if you’re making a mountain out of a molehill - this is where you’ll get a reality check.

5: Who/what piled up the garbage?

Maybe it was you? Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was someone else, or a life circumstance, or a particular desire. Find out.

6: Who/what set it ablaze?

Piled up garbage is one thing. A burning pile of garbage is another. Garbage can be salvaged. It’s best to let flaming garbage burn itself out. So who/what decided that there was nothing redeemable here? What circumstances looked at this pile of garbage and gave a resounding: “**** it!”

7: How can I forgive them?

You can also frame this card as: How can I move on? Whether you set the blaze yourself, or it was someone else, or a circumstance or life event that did it for you, forgiveness will give you the strength to leave the ashes where they lie.





This is a great spread! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing it, D & C😊

I just used it and it's very accurate lol Thanks Hemera for adding the spread in the thread. :heart:

Brightest Blessings,


OH this has put a smile on my face, I love this spread so direct. I might have to try it later to find out what entertaining answers my guides give me ^_^. xx