It is the third day of my daily practice with LBRP.
I performed it aloud at home, feeling the need to repeat the archangels, which I did, with deeper fervor.

For the first time I am tying to perform divination considering the LBRP as an opening of magical space and an invocation of the balance of the four elememts for it.

My intent was to have a wisdom divination over the four Atus that form the word Adonai: Atu 0, the Fool (Aleph); Atu III, the Empress (Daleth); Atu XIII, Death (Nun); Atu IX, the Hermit (Yod).

I thought that I want to go deeper in the LBRP since I am doing a very basic form of it. To do so, I thought that a very useful first step is to have wisdom reading over the words I am pronouncing.

I considered analyzing the words of the QC, but 3 out of 5 of them are names of the Spheres that I am already studying in Fortune (even tho that study is on a hold right now, but on its way to be resumed soon..) so I decided to focus on the words of the LBRP first.

I consider I have YHVH analyzed to my satisfaction through my general studies of Tarot and Quabalah, and that`s how the first proper wisdom reading I am having is on ADNI.

I was going through my notes over the cards, with a more than usual "awe" attitude due to having just performed the ritual and still having to do the ending QC at the end of the wisdom reading.
I still feel much in the zone.

After performing QC and ritual as described, I started gazing at the cards and at my notes over their meaning.. My body was feeling left behind, but at some point I zoned out of it, and found myself looking at mental images and having their meaning "put into my head".
It felt as an epiphany over what could be my will.

These the contents of the epiphany, that felt coming from "outside" cause I had never formulated those toughts with this clarity.. Here they go:
Progress has brought the world, and thus evolution, to a degree of acceleration unheard of.
While normal pace evolution has always happened, and thus our bodies and psyches are built to keep that pace in accomodating new toughts and needs, the challenge of this degree of acceleration can't be met by these automatisms.

Thus the necessity for everybody, in our times, to make some work on the self, in terms of jungian psychology and analysis (better still, in terms of trying to be our best selves, each one with his/her own methods and techniques) to be able to adapt and accomodate to our "fast speed lane" reality.

This change in times, takes actually away the stigma that some people could feel over being in need of analysis. And the same is true for recognizing and dealing with our limits.

Our society is steadily going towards extreme specialization where always more individualized sets of skills are needed. At this level of differentiation, lacking some set of skills is something that mostly goes with the definition of possessing another.
To take away the shame in admitting a lack, knowing that it is not due to incapacity, but to the simple fact that one was busy successfully learning some other set, is a big step forward toward the ability of recognize eventual lacks in ourselves and sort them out.

I would like to be one of the vehicles of diffusion of this truth, to these generations I happen to live with, who may still be trapped in the "low speed lane" idea that it is possible for one individual to attain all of the skill sets. This is simply not true anymore (if it ever was in the first place).

Hopefully I should be able to manifest this will of mine through my holistic practice, that is getting out of Yesod to come into manifestation in this period:

With the trip in Italy over, and a laptop finally on my desk, I am writing/typing material to present myself in this etsy shop I am planning to open to sell tarot readings and handcrafted (by me) pagan supplies..

I am happy with this epiphany, that genuinely looks coming from "outside". I have seen images like in a documentary on contemporary life, mainly in big cities.. me talking with people.. people smiling satisfied and confident, with a voice that "put in my head" what I explained above.

Little (or no?) to do with my initial intention of getting clearer in my head the meaning and use of the word ADNI, but nothing refrains me from having another try at that.
And maybe I need to actually get this shop moving a bit more than I need to delve into the meanings of the word ADNI.. LOL!!!

Thank you, Universe!

Any comment/insight will be deeply appreciated, as I am just starting off with Ceremonial Magick and would love to hear other people`s toughts/ideas.