Learning the 4 Elements Layout



This Tarot spread is designed to teach the nature of each of the Four Elements (the example used here is Earth).

The center card is the Ace or the Trump of the Element.

The 3 surrounding trump cards are the 3 Alchemical principles: top Mercury/Mutable, right Sulfur/Cardinal, and left Salt/Fixed.

The 4 surrounding court cards are the 4 Elements: lower right Knight, upper right Queen, upper left Prince, and lower left Princess.

The outer ring are the 9 remaining court cards representing how the Element at the center manifests. These are a blow-up of the 3 principles of the center triangle: Cardinal/Sulfur 2-4, Fixed/Salt 5-7, Mutable/Mercury 8-10.

This spread requires you to meditate and contemplate for yourselves so when you make correlations about these cards, you will be rewarded with your own individual experience of the nature of each of the 4 Elements.