Learning to trust my cards


The other day I did a reading for myself with my "House of Night" oracle deck. It's a fan deck for a series of books but I love it and it's very accurate for me.

I had been offered a very attractive job but I was feeling very uneasy about it. The pay was fantastic and I could work the job from home. But I kept having that sick feeling deep down. So I asked the cards if the job was a good fit for me, and here's what happened. The first card that came up was "deceit" and I knew deep down that it meant that this job wasn't a good fit and that the description wasn't honest, but I wanted the job and I thought the cards were mad at me because I put them away for Lent. The next card was "success" which meant that I had been right the first time, about it not being a good fit. Success as in you had the right answer. But still I wondered if it was right and chose another card which came up "choices" which I was aggravated about because I thought the cards were just messing with me. The next day I found out that the cards meant I had a choice whether to believe them or not.

The next day I found out the job wasn't a good fit for me because I was asked to do something illegal, which is why the compensation was so good, because it was a risky job. I realized the cards weren't pissed at me, that they had given me the answer I needed and what I needed to do was trust the cards and my own intuition.


trust the cards and my own intuition.

Intuition is important.

My view of how cards work isn't that they have some magical window into the future, but that they help me open a window onto my own subconscious. So they bring those hidden thoughts to the surface. They don't always offer a direct answer, but rather, a 'make sure you think about this when you're deciding'.

(Sounds like you had a lucky escape - if something seems too good to be true,it usually is. I worked in online publishing for many years, but even with the context of a major network, it was just getting too hard to be competitive and make a reliable living, so I reskilled. Ironically I still work online, but for a university.)


You know that gut feeling you had when you turned over that first card and went 'ah, yes'? Stop there. Just stop, and see how things play out. Many of us (women especially) have been socialized not to trust our gut instincts, and there's a huge temptation to keep asking 'are you sure? are you really sure? are you really positively sure?' Learning to trust your cards is really a process of learning to trust yourself, and as you get better at that, it begins to reflect into other areas of your life. But in order for that to happen, you have to have that bit of self-restraint and not turn over the next card. Let the process prove itself to you, just like it did this time.

Not the easiest advice, I know, but these things are a journey.