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[size=+1]General Study Group Topics[/size]
Legend: Cards You Had Trouble Figuring Out Without the Booklet
Legend: The Perfect Bag and/or Box
Legend: Spears and Swords, Elements
Legend: Where to Begin

[size=+1]MAJOR ARCANA[/size]
The Fool, Percivale
The Magician, Merlin
The Priestess, Nimue
The Empress, Guenevere
The Emperor, Arthur
The Hierophant, Taliesin
The Lovers, Gareth & Lyones
The Chariot, Battle of Mount Badon
Strength, Percivale's Vision
The Hermit, Lancelot in Exile
Wheel of Fortune, Arthur's Dream
Justice, Lady of the Lake
The Hanged Man, Castle Perilous
Death, Gwyn ab Nudd & the Wild Hunt
Temperance, Cauldron of Annwn
The Horned One, Cernunnos
The Tower, Vortigern's Fortress
The Star, The Firedrake
The Moon, Morgan le Fay
The Sun, Lleu
The Judgement, Avalon
The Universe, The Giant's Dance

[size=+1]MINOR ARCANA[/size]

The Fives
The Four Pages

Ace;The Grail Lance
Two; Bedivere and Kay
Three; The Horse Fair
Four; La Cote Male Tail & Maledisant
Six; The Return of Ambrosius
Seven; Arch of Twelve Kings
Eight; The White Hart
Nine; Wind Harps of War
Ten; The Green Knight
Knight; Bedivere
Queen; Dindrane
King; King Pellinore

Ace; Sword of Strange Hangings
Four; Isolt of the White Hands
Five; Gawain's Penance
Six; The Eachtra
Seven; The Sword in the Stone
Eight; Guenevere at the Stake
Nine; Lily Maid of Astolat
Ten; Camlann
Queen; Morgause
King; Mordred

Ace; The Holy Grail
Two; Tristram & Isolt
Four; The Fading Fellowship
Five; Lancelot & Elaine
Seven; The Questing Beast
Eight; Chapel Perilous
Ten; Corbenic
Queen; Britannia
King; The Fisher King

Ace; Evalach's Shield
Two; Castle Pendragon
Three; The Homespun Tunic
Four; King Mark
Five; The Wasteland
Six; Castle of Maidens
Seven; Castle of Wonders
Eight; Wayland
Nine; Ragnell
Ten; Camelot
Knight; Bors
Queen; Igraine
King; Uther

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Thanks a lot of posting up a list of links for the study!



having a love affair!

Not seeing anywhere ideal to post this, I think this will do.
I first saw this deck, and thought aww cute! But now i'm seeing that this deck is meaning much more to me.
For a start, as soon as I opened this deck on christmas day, I was in awe of the cards, the detail and the hours of devotion to the deck and book. I think its really shows that Anne wrote the book and painted the pictures, it gives the 2 a real sense of connectedness. Although I love Rachel Pollock, her books are so wordy and like seeing a card as a 'crime scene' putting all the clues together, but theres so much work to be done individually with this deck its just wonderful.
I started knitting (i haven't knitted in a while!) a bag for this deck in purple. Its now got a lovely handmade home which on reflection sets it off. The ladies of Arthur's court would have done the same, putting hours of work into something. I think I've got a little connection with this deck.
Now I cant stop shuffling it! It feels so soft and wonderful in my hands, looking at a few cards and just picking up on things I missed the first time. They are becoming my friends as I learn more about the legends and how they interact with me, my daily readings and my readings for others.
I know a few people that use this deck for relationship readings, does anyone use this deck as their primary deck? I think i'm tempted! And my sacred circle is getting jealous :p



Hi Sezo

Sounds very much like the <<First Phase of Love>> to me. ;) Maybe it was the Lovers card that put you over the top!

I'm not quite there yet, but we're definitely going steady. I don't have a lot of experience with Tarot dating - er, decks - but I can see that although Legend demands more attention and committment, she also has incredible depth. Poor old Connolly is still my reading deck and will be until I've explored all the Legend cards - we're in the midst of a three month holiday tour of Celtic Britain. Connolly was easy to get to know, but let me down on several occasions during my Majors meditations. Putting in so much time with Legend here at ATF is increasing my respect for her more and more. So when the 78 day romance is over, Legend has definite possibilities of becoming my "main squeeze".


Do we need a general discussion area for non-specific Legend stuff? Or is general discussion for Tarot Decks, Using Tarot Cards, or Talking Tarot? I like having everything in one place for easy navigation, but...I'm not sure if "Everything Legends, bits and odd ends" is appropriate for Study Groups?

I like that we can talk about bags and dreams and be comfortable exchanging thoughts, but if there isn't a specific topic open yet for something that wants to be shared...maybe think of a good heading and post it as new thread?

What say all? Sullis?


Hi WalesWoman

Personally, I think that as long as what we are discussing is directly related to Legend then in belongs in our study group. I have noticed that the Study Group Subforums have quite wide ranging discussions on their decks. To me, whether its just the right Tarot bag for the Legend deck, do you read with this deck, are you falling in love with this deck, meditations and dreams with the deck, etc. then it belongs here. If the dream or meditation is on a specific card then I think it would be best to group it with the other posts on that card. I think that all the background material helps us to understand, appreciate and build enthusiasm for our more formal Legend studies.

Of course, we could start another thread called Legend: Odds and Ends. Currently our two other general threads are: "Legend: Cards You Had Trouble Figuring Out Without the Booklet" and "Legend: Where to Begin". Posting to this Index thread does have the advantage of bumping it to the top where its easier for me to find when I need to update it. :)

Just my two-bits - certainly open to discussion...

BTW, we now have over 200 posts: IMHO much of it very synergistic and profound - a wonderful deck and a wonderful group of people!



no problem here, was thinking that this was for the index mainly, rather than discussions. So new topics would actually be easier to find, if they began in another thread rather than this one. Otherswise, if this very interesting subject sparked other contributions it wouldn't become something Sulis has to figure out how to move to be it's own thread anyway, later.

It made me want to talk about the bag I found at a Bazaar that seemed simply perfect for this deck. LOL


Hi WalesWoman

Sure, lets just start these side threads here as we think best and see how it happens. If this is not appropriate Sulis will let us know.

I had a search through the other sections of ATR and noticed a few references to Legend in the Decks Forum. I think that is a good place to share information on the deck with others who may be interested, as several of our study group have done. But if we start putting Legend specific information in the other sections I think its just going to make it difficult to find. So I'm just going to start a thread here on the perfect bag for Legend... :)



Giving this a bit of a nudge, finding some cards I'd forgotten about.
Thanks again for the great work on this David!


I just added a Review section to the index.