Les Vampires Guardian Cross Spread (5) by Glass Owl

Glass Owl

Les Vampires Guardian Cross Spread (5) by Glass Owl
I originally posted this to http://bewitching.boards.net as part of Owlmoon's (YT) Deck Challenge.

"Les Vampires have had a noble quest assigned to them - and that is to serve Innocents."


Call upon the Les Vampires to offer you their valuable wisdom and advice into the various aspects of your current existence.

This spread is a great way to examine where you stand physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally and zero in on the area(s) that may need healing or special attention.

"Be aware - Les Vampires are patient. They have all the time in the world. If they have been given a mission to care for you, and protect you, and assist you in a time of darkness, Les Vampires won't give up. They will come to you, again and again with the express and only desire to be of assistance to you in Dark times now, and in Dark times ahead."

I created this spread for the Les Vampires Oracle, however, it may be used with another deck.

1. Guardian of the Wooden Stake - this card represents your body
2. Guardian of the Bonfire - this card represents your spirit/energy
3. Guardian of the Metal Pitchfork - this card represents your mind
4. Guardian of the Holy Water - this card represents your heart
5. Guardian of the Vampire Coffin - the summary card, representing you as a whole

This spread's layout and card position meanings are based on the celestial guardians of the Chinese compass. These associations may be different than those of other methods or systems.