Life Path spreads?


I am looking for some ideas or spreads that would help me discern life paths/careers. I have narrowed down my choices to three. Although these three choices are going to be integrated over my lifetime, I am not looking to pick one and leave the rest (at least for now, it depends where the roads lead). I am trying to decide what path to take now this at this time. The life paths are sustainable farming/homesteading, life coaching and beauty therapist(massage, healing, makeup, skin care). My end goal really is to run a homesteading buisness and I think the other two careers would bring good income to start torwards my end goal, however I would love to get into sustainable farming/greenhouse production as well, which in the right jobs, could lead to good income for building a homestead. My best bet I believe is the beauty therapist or greenhouse production & managment and life coaching for later. But I am not sure. Id really like guidance on what to start with.

Please help? Thank you!