Light Grey Art Lab Cosmos Tarot & Oracle study group?


For now, I am primarily interested in studying the Tarot deck.

I have been really enjoying this deck and finding a lot of depth here to be explored. I notice some people struggle to reconcile this deck's images and keywords with traditional tarot meanings, while others just go ahead and read it like RWS. Since this is such an unusual take on tarot I thought a study group might be helpful, especially for anyone interested in using this as a tarot system instead of a double oracle deck. But I'd love to hear varying perspectives on how others perceive and interpret these cards.

I have started this study on my own, focusing on two primary aspects: the way the cards represent and relate to their constellations and mythology, and the way they represent and relate to RWS-tradition cards.

I'm also interested in looking at how these cards operate together, as a system. I have found an amazing amount of synchronicity in my readings from connections between cards - like the stern of the Argo (Puppis) showing up with the keel of the Argo (Carina) Rx showing the threat to the situation, and Cassiopeia and her daughter Andromeda as how two people perceive each other.

For anyone without the deck handy, the cards can all be seen at - along with their LWB meanings, if you click on a thumbnail and hover over the image.

Would anyone else be interested in this study group?


I would- just used it for the first time today and this deck is amazing!

Completely agree on the synchronicity- my reading had a running theme with the Argos and was amazingly accurate with the progression of how things have been going in my life.

I am game for anything- study group, exchanges- just let me know!


Great! I've never participated in a study group here before, but I started writing up my thoughts for the Major Arcana and can start posting those soon. Is there anything you would particularly like to discuss about this deck?


I'm thinking of taking it at face value rather than trying to compare to the typical tarot system- so looking at what I see intuitively and what they have listed (as well as keywords) to see what makes sense and what doesn't.


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Sounds goods, Penthasilia. There's definitely a lot to process with face value alone. I'll go ahead and start with the majors then, unless you would rather start with a particular suit?

Thanks for the reminders, Sulis!


That works for me- I will keep an eye out and cannot wait to start on it! :)