Limiting Belief Spread - based on the 8 of Swords

Ace of Stars


1. What limiting belief do I have? (I found an answer like "I can't... because..." very helpful for journaling this position.)

2. What benefit do I gain from having this belief?
3. How does this belief keep me safe?
4. What am I afraid of discovering about myself?

5. What am I missing out on from having this belief?
6. What could I do to test this belief?
7. What amazing thing could I discover about myself?

Here's a diagram:


I absolutely LOVE this spread. :heart: Many times, I feel like my inability to take action is a direct result of self-limiting beliefs, and this spread will help me to face some uncomfortable truths. Thank you for sharing this.


Thank you for this. I love how it is phrased I will use the spread this week!


I think a spread like this can serve a lot of uses. Good one!


Ace may I use this spread for a round of the Majors Only Circle probably in January?

Ace of Stars

Thanks for the kind words, everyone ☺