Link to natural geometry/fibonacci nos:location?


Hi,does anyone know where I can find a site link posted on this topic? I was very new to ATF and naively thought I could find it again on my own.Or anything similar'd be appreciated.LOL


Some links to pages with info on Fibonacci numbers:

The following appears to be an article on Natural Geometry, as contrasted with Synthetic Geometry:"natural+geometry"+"anders+kock"&hl=en

I have no idea if this is what you were looking for, but it's what turned up on a Google search.

-- Jeannette
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Thanyou!And....I found IT.

Thankyou both Jeanette and Umbrae! They were some very interesting links.(Better than ol' style maths homework....funny that-when one's "free" one wants to learn).
I worked back thru some threads and DID actually find the one I was looking for...keyword on this could really be "phi" but today it came up first on google.
If anyone's interested, be sure to go past the intro and click on the "dimensions" on the rhs. Good graphic stuff and simple.

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Thanks again,I'm really enjoying ATF and it reminds me of what I apply when I insert and draw the blank or manufacturer's card in my spread- the universe has more in store for you than you can imagine! (So much treasure after drawing up blank).


Library of

"Why is Nature so intrigued by the Fibonacci series? Perhaps, because of the manner in which it originates, beginning with only two terms, zero and unity. These two numbers may be considered to be the Unknowable and the manifest Monad. Curiously, this quickly yields another Monad (representing the duality or male-female aspects of the creators or possibly the first holy offspring, as per a Vesica Pisces.)"

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Thankyou Fulgour. You are a storehouse of interesting links and knowledge.

Yes, I remember several years ago reading about the Kabbalistic origin of "The First Ten"- related stuff is Platonic and Pythagorean "Perfect Number".

I enjoy your posts but I am a bit rusty so don't feel able to make worthy comments myself often. However I am keenly (re-)learning from ATF. Keep the flame burning- I love to see it.