Links, pairs and opposites in the Cosmic Major Arcana


If you lay out the Major Arcana you will see that some cards have the same colors used or similar compositions or themes. In some cards characters are wearing similar clothing, forming a link. Some of this could be accidental but some of it is certainly meaningful.

I see Judgement and the Devil as a pair. The same colors are used and the people who are chained up in the Devil are freed in the Judgement card.

Looking at the colors, The Hanged Man and the Sun are a pair. The Star and the Hermit also seemed to me to be a pair, as the compositions are the same but switched and the colors are the same.

Paradoxx made the interesting observation about the Star card that
paradoxx said:
this seems to be a night ritual as compared to teh day ritual of Temperance.

So there is another pairing, this time one of opposites.

It seems that like the Waite Smith deck and the Thoth there is a web of visual interconnections in this deck. Cards connect with each other in various ways that are meaningful and say something about the relationships between the energies they represent.

So what other pairings do you see? What opposites or links between cards?