Links to Emblem books?

le pendu

Thanks again Kwaw, I really appreciate it. These are wonderful!


Probably you could select a great many of tarot themes from emblem books, for example:

City of Christ

The Moon

The Moon eclipsed

The Son [sun] of Glory

The House of God

Ace of Diamonds / Coins

Ace of Swords

A foolish man

A foolish man

Beware lovers of the roman whore

Citadel of the Roman Pontif

Knight of Swords

Ace of Cups or Devil or Temperance???



A wheel of fate

A queen of cups and queen of swords

Falling tower

Winged she devil

Virtue rules the stars

Dice player at table

Another player, dice and cards

La force d’amour

L’ymage de fortune

Water pourer

Another water pourer

And another

Man and four elements

That's just a few with a 20 minute search!



kwaw said:
Probably you could select a great many of tarot themes from emblem books.

I agree.
There is much to be learned both from the analogy and from the difference between Tarot and Emblems.

Here is one more from Alciatus: Futile effort [dog bays at full moon] / 165
Interestingly, the image is identical to
but the text is different (it seems that Théodore de Bèze in 1580 has Christianized Alciato's Emblem).




Beyond the paths of the year and the sun (two pillars two towers of moon as path?)

Ace batons

As rod of Aaron [from the heavenly seed]

Deus batons (Flammescit uterque – both of them do burn)

Three Batons

Ace of Cups


Ace of Swords

Ace Coins

4 Batons

5 Batons [arrows]



Scion said:

le pendu said:
I love the last one from Michael's site. Of course, to see Le Pendu outside of Tarot is a rare treat!! Do we have any idea who's chart that is? It reminds me of something I took a picture of at Oxford when I visited, at Christ Church.

I had never seen such diagrams before. I am very ignorant about astrology! :)

The chart in Oxford is the horoscope of someone (possibly buried in the Christ Church).
I found a similar diagram for Robert Burton, included in his work "Anatomy of Melancholy"
The charts contain the date, hour and coordinates of birth.


PS: Thanks to Robert for providing a linkable copy of the Burton chart.