Links: tutorial & meaning 4 minor symbols


in my quest to learn how to read with the TM majors + minors and to know more about the symbols that are on the minors (since there's no "scenes"); i've googled a lot + found 2 sites with substantial info!
one is in English but the other in French.

here u get tips on "how to read" using a visual approach rather than a set of meanings. it encourages u to observe the cards, ask yourself certain questions + write your own interpretation of the flowers, leaves, etc... this site has a nice course on the TM , the 2 links i posted are just part of it; it's well organized with an index on the right side.

this one, gives u a detailed interpretation of each suits, + each single card. the author really goes deep into each symbol u see on the card + what they mean. i like the way it is done, a real eye opener! (it's part of a discussion on a forum; u'll have to scroll down as it starts with the 7th post written by someone called "Natou")

these 2 sites gave me more info than the books i have! maybe they'll help y too.